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Faith Glued to Hearts

Believers see the truth of Prophetic predictions from the flashes of their inner eye.


The Devil’s Net

Social sites are dominated by free-thinkers, atheists and the gay. These sites help the youth cut off their elders from themselves.


A Friday Sermon?

Are Western masses more ignorant, or pro-Western elements of the Muslim world, who have the temerity to state that Muslims are a troublesome people.


Riba, Usury, Interest and Qur’anic Ethics

There is a sea of difference between saying what the Riba (Interest) of the Jahiliyyah was, and, in contrast, what the Riba of Islam is, or should be.

The Hadith

On Fasting and Ramadan, the Month of Fasting

On Doing Good and Helping Out Each Other

The Importance of Modesty in the Islamic Worldview


Anselm Tormeeda: A Fourteenth Century Christian Scholar and Priest Turned Muslim

On the Directness of Divine Communication

The Amazing Story of an American Jew Who ‘Converted’ from Shas to Hamas