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Symptom and Disease

The blind cannot lead the blind. The quack cannot treat the sick. The quack is himself sick. More, as a quack offering his… more »

The Chilcot Enquiry

Bush and Blair are democratically elected representatives of their masses and the elite. Yet, despite the loss of Muslim lives of more than… more »

Evolutionary Theory and its Adversaries (Part-9)

Some leading evolutionary biologists, today, are calling for a new theory of evolution.


Getting Connected

How many are not there whose fasts obtain them no more than thirst and hunger!

The Hadith

Effects of the Revelations

Readings from Miftah al-Ma`ani – 1

After Ramadan: Zakat-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Fitr and the Six Fasts of Shawwal


From a Negative Image to the Real Picture of Islam

From Edge of Despair to Glory in Islam

Amazing Story of How a Christian Preacher named ‘Skip’ Came to Islam-2