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Evolution and its Adversaries (Part–14)

The assumed origin and development of organs and organelles through mutation, which – the evolutionists never failed to emphasize – works randomly, in… more »

The Fall and Fall

Today, the West’s leading nation is a full-blown projection of a picture that was precisely drawn in the past – a century and… more »

Evolution and its Adversaries (Part-13)

The entire emphasis in the past by the evolutionist has been on the role of point mutations in coding regions as the primary… more »

Evolution and Its Adversaries (Part 12)

Differentiation      Differentiation is a process in development of a multicellular organism by which cells become specialized for particular functions. Why spermatozoa should swim… more »
The Hadith

Readings from Miftah al-Ma`ani – 1

The Qudsi (Sacred) Hadith

Angel in the Form of a Man


‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’(Part-2)

‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’ (Part 1)

From a Negative Image to the Real Picture of Islam