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Excessive Love of the World

We need to fight out the greatest of all Fitan, that strikes almost every individual, viz. ignorance of the Qur’an & Sunnah and excessive love of the world.


Evolution and its Adversaries (Part – 16)

With failure staring hard on their faces, the evolutionists have attacked the ‘design’ concept.


An Evil Foreboding?

Lack of enthusiasm for life and its activities, chronic laziness, lethargy, and negativity, are diseases that seem to have struck the Ummah at a wide scale.


Evolution and its Adversaries (Part-15)

Symbiotic simultaneity militates against any notion of gradual increases in biochemical complexity vis-a vis piecemeal incrementalism.

The Hadith

Ahadith from a Forthcoming Book “Miftahul Ma`ani”

The Chapter on Knowledge

The Qudsi (Sacred) Hadith


Khadijah (Sue) Watson: Former Pastor, Missionary and Professor

‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’(Part-2)

‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’ (Part 1)