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A Short Note on Islamic Law

Sunk and lost in the abyss of modern day’s chaos, confusion, and dysfunction, today’s youth needs to be addressed. Follow not the small-timers.… more »

Establishing an Islamic State

The Islamic system of governance is then, neither theocratic, nor monarchic, nor oligarchic, nor democratic, nor egalitarian. It is neither capitalistic nor socialistic.… more »

Evolution and its Adversaries (Part-17)

The perspective of biological scientists has begun to change and gravitate towards skepticism regarding Darwinism

The Hadith

Kitab al-Iman: Ahadith from Selections in Miftahul Ma`ani

Ahadith from ‘Miftah-ul-Ma`ani’

Ahadith from ‘Miftah-ul-Ma`ani’


Khadijah (Sue) Watson: Former Pastor, Missionary and Professor

‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’(Part-2)

‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’ (Part 1)