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Reason and Logic (Part-2)

If we draw the lesson from the Qur’an that if the relation between intellect and belief is inversely proportional, meaning, belief entails gain… more »

An Original Indian Woman

A struggle is afoot to bring back sanity, prevent suppression of criticism, and refusal to accept hatred as the normal way of life.… more »

Reason and Logic

In this milieu of irrationalism, which appears to be growing and spreading, Muslims have another challenge to face. After the universal traits of… more »

The Hadith

Characteristics of the Believer: Selections from Kitab al-Iman of Miftah al-Ma`ani

Selections from Kitab al-Iman of Miftah al-Ma`ani

The Signs of a Believer


Interviews with American Women (Part-2)

Interviews with American Women (Part-1)

Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives (Part 2)