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Riba, Usury, Interest and Qur’anic Ethics

There is a sea of difference between saying what the Riba (Interest) of the Jahiliyyah was, and, in contrast, what the Riba of Islam is, or should be.

A Civilization We Do Not Belong To

Today’s Muslims stand apart in complete contradiction with their entire past, root and branch.

Muslims’ Worth

Muslims are special targets today. But that doesn’t mean they are a special people.

In the Heart of Darkness

“Has Political Islam Failed?” Comments on the televised discussion conducted at the Oxford Union Hall.

The Hadith

On Patience with the Provision of Allah (swt)

The Companionship to be Sought Here and Hereafter

Reliance on God


On the Directness of Divine Communication

The Amazing Story of an American Jew Who ‘Converted’ from Shas to Hamas

John Mohammed Butt: The Hippy Who Became an Imam