August 2000


Letters to the Editor

On grave covering, in the name of salaf, what is riba, the mahdi, women into mosques and many more …


Abul Hasan Ali An-Nadwi: A Man of Hope through a Century of Turmoil (Part–VI)

Saddam Hussain’s adventure into Kuwait in 1990 created a situation of emergency and took Ali Miyan to Saudi Arabia to participate in a meeting organised to seek the consensus of the world scholars over the Americans forces that had come into the

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-A’raf (175 – 183)

[175] And recite to them the news of him whom We gave Our signs.264 But he went right through them (without drawing a… more »
The Hadith

Humanness of Prophet (saws)

1. Rafi` b. Khadij says, "When the Prophet (asws) arrived at Madinah he found us pollinating the date-palm trees. He asked us what… more »