October 2000


Letters to the Editor

On ruhullah, attending a shi’ah marriage, family planning, songs, hajj and umrah, in auspicious numbers and many more…


The Baggage Carriers

The world is close to facing a decline that can lead to the collapse of the system that governs its life and environment. The Western system of life and thought, which is the system that governs a large part of the world today,

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-A’raf (199 -206)

[199] Therefore, take to forgiving,306 bid to what is (just and) right, and ignore the ignorant.307  Commentary 306. It is reported that the Prophet… more »
The Hadith

The Prophet’s Servility to God

I. Mutarraf b. Abdullah b. Shikhkhir reports from his father: “(Once) I visited the Prophet (saws) and found him praying. A noise was… more »