June 2001


Letters to the Editor

On Male Doctors, Rape, Karbalah, Hardening of Hearts, Prayers in a Hostel and many more…



Ever since man took birth on this planet he has been staring at the birds in wonder and longing. How lucky of them to be able to fly?

The Hadith

Hadith al-Manaam1 (The Hadith of the Night Vision)

Although the following hadith is being offered in full, the notes on it will be offered in installments. The notes are either by… more »
The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-Anfal (Verses 25-29)

[25] And, beware of a tribulation 47 that will not touch exclusively those among you who transgressed.48  And beware that Allah (swt) is severe… more »