September 2001


Letters to the Editor

On the Trap, Indecent Films, Statues, Difficult Child, Mothers of the Prophets and many more…


School Dropouts

It is often noticed that in a certain period of his life, a child, until then doing well in school, suddenly begins to show a lack of interest in his studies. The normal age group when this can happen is

The Qur’an

Selection from Surah al-Anfal (Verses 41-43)

[41] And know70 that whatever71 you secure as spoils of war72 - for Allah is one-fifth thereof, for the Messenger,73 the kin (of the Prophet),74 the orphans, the… more »
The Hadith


The following ahadith are selections from Kitab al Zuhd of Ibn Majah 1. Abu Dharr Ghifari reports the Prophet (saws) as having said:… more »

From the Debris

Everyone knows that troubles come in the life of every individual. But one will wonder to know that regions too undergo trouble. When trouble befalls on an individual, he attributes it to his past folly, his miscalculation or bad luck but whom to blame when a particular region is seized by trouble i.e. natural calamity. Do we have no answer to this question.?


A Belated Report on the Gujarat Earthquake

Myself and Mawlana Burhanuddin Qasmi, were on our way to Gandhi Dham to see the devastating effect of the earthquake and relief and rehabilitation work undertaken by different Muslim organizations. It was Maghrib time and the train stopped at Osmanabad station,