December 2001


Letters to the Editor

On Muslim Women at work, co-education, Mahdavis, Adoption and Orphans and many more…


The Indestructible Individual

A story goes – it could well be true – that a man, angry on his cat, decided to punish her. He locked her up in a room and began to bring down his cane wildly and repeatedly on her. She ran around,

The Qur’an

Selections from Surah al-Anfal (59-64)

[59] And let not the unbelievers think they have outsmarted Us. They will not be able to defeat (Our purposes).104 Commentary 104. Plainly,… more »
The Hadith


1] Fudalah b. ‘Ubayd said when the Prophet - peace be upon him - prayed with the people, some people would swoon and… more »