May 2002


Letters to the Editor

On recitation at the graves, books, tooth paste or miswak, TV Serials and many more…


The Nexus and Us

If you look into a hundred year old map of the world, you will fail to locate a country called “Israel.” You might go back 500 years, or 1000 years, or even 2000, but

The Qur’an

Versus from Surah al-Tawbah (18-24)

[18] Surely, those tend Allah's Sanctuaries32 who believe in Allah and the Hereafter, offer the Prayers (properly and regularly), pay the Zakah, and fear… more »
The Hadith

Bilal, Waliyy-Allah

Selections of the hadith below are from Muwatta’ of Imam Malik, translated by Prof. Muhammad Rahimuddin, those in the brackets and notes are… more »