December 2005


Letters to the Editor

On sahih and non-sahih, juvenile delinquencies, nazr, consummation and many more…


The Science of Hadith – 5 Orientalists and Hadith – II

Such were the trend-setters for many of the Orientalists who took over from the priestly class after the burst of Renaissance. A great majority of them,

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Yunus (75 – 92)

[75] Then we sent forth, after them, Musa and Harun to Fir‘awn and his chief (executives) with Our signs. But they waxed proud.… more »
The Hadith

Ahadith That Use Number Three – X

Herewith such reports of the Prophet as use number three.  A reason behind such a presentation is to dispel the idea that the… more »

Ahmed Deedat and the Contradictions of Christianity

Deedat absolved the Christian brethren of the guilt of having created the cheap salvation theory of Christianity. They had, in fact, been brain washed or ‘programmed’ for two

Book Review

Many Voices, One Faith

Muslim women writers reveal their thoughts on daily life, politics, war, and religion in the new anthology ‘Many Voices, One Faith’.