March 2007


Letters to the Editor

On uncontrollable temper, slavery, paradise for an unbeliever in it and many more…


Exam Time, Dropping Time?!

This time let us start by stating the solution before looking into the problems.

So long as a Muslim recognizes that he does not know, one of the first few verses revealed to our Prophet (asws) can do him good: “And He taught man what he did not know.” With this recognition

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah al-Ra’d (35-43)

[35] The likeness of the Paradise that the god-fearing have been promised: gardens beneath which rivers flow.69 Its fruits eternal, (and so are)… more »
The Hadith

The Prayer Timings

Hereunder a selection of ahadith from the Ma’ariful Hadith by Mawlana Manzoor No’mani as translated by Muhammad Asif Kidwai under the title Meaning… more »

The Case for Humanities

Philosophers right from Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Ibn Khaldun and till date Francis Fukyama all defined the way the present states exist. They were all intellectuals of the highest level and,


Grameen Bank: The Other Side of the Nobel Prize

The appreciable thing about Prof. Yunus is that he targeted only the poor people. But Islami Bank Bangladesh helped others also along with the poor.