September 2007


Letters to the Editor

On questioning father’s income, semen bank, ijtihad, youth and their parents and many more…


Blushes of a Virgin

It was right at the start of the affair that the Ummah split into two major divisions: those to whom religion came first and those to whom it came next (not last but only next).

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah al-Baqarah on Ramadan (183-187)

[183] Believers! Fasts have been prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those that were before you – haply so you… more »
The Hadith

Salutations and Blessings to the Prophet

Provided hereunder is a selection of ahadith from the Ma’ariful Hadith by Mawlana Manzoor No’mani as translated by Muhammad Asif Kidwai under the… more »

‘Concentrating on Differences Will Prevent Unity amongst Muslims:’ Harun Yahya Speaks to Young Muslim Digest – (Part II)

A prominent Turkish Muslim scholar, Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya), has written various books on the fallacy of the theory of evolution. While his struggle against


Ramadan with the Salaf

A collection of reports about how Muslims of the earlier generations treated Ramadan, as reported by Ibn Abi Dunya in a variety of his


The Tragedy of Women in the West

One of the most revolutionary movements of our times has been the movement of the ‘emancipation’ of woman. It has been so dynamic in character,


Alternative Careers After High School – (Part II)

Given the fact that in our country the pass percentage of students in 10th & 12th std exams averages at 55–60 % and in this,


Zakah: the Purifier of a Muslim’s Wealth

Nowadays, people consider obligatory Zakah as being merely a special act associated with Ramadan like Zakat al-Fitr and the fast.

Book Review

Nature and the Qur’an

Book: Nature and the Qur’an Author: S. Tahsin Ahmed Reviewer: Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan Publisher: Academy Publishers, B’lore Pages: 145, Photos: 10, Year:… more »