January 2009


Letters to the Editor

On inheriting grandparents, error in count, islam and terrorism, repentance and many more…


Islamic Financial System

In the context of the financial crisis that taunts the super-geniuses of the time, (who, whenever there is a boom, promise another boom and grab prizes or sell their books well),

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah al-Nahl (70-77)

[70] And Allah creates, then He deals you death; and, among you are some who are returned to the feeble age, so that… more »
The Hadith

Congregational Prayer

The institution of congregational Prayer is a unique informal plan for the religious instruction of Muslims and offers them a wonderful opportunity to… more »

Celebrations: Contagious Calamity!

Celebrations, in totality, are syndromes from which you cannot escape. It has complex, multi-layered systems each reinforcing (and supporting) the other.


Faith and Science

The relationship of science and faith can be studied at various levels of thought. Philosophers have a tough time in this field.


Darul Uloom’s Anti-terror Conference 2008

On February 25, 2008, Darul Uloom Deoband (DUD), the second largest centre of Islamic learning in the world after Cairo’s Al-Azhar, held an… more »

Personal Shahadah: A ‘Muslim’ Reverts to Islam (Part – 1)

The following is a simple, inartificial, and appealing real story of a “man of action”, his struggle against the odds, and his humble and realistic aspirations, endeavors and successes. His consistent and persistent efforts,