June 2011



Love of poetry is planted in human nature. Where does this passion reside in the human body is a riddle that challenges the biologists and

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Maryam (12-33)

[12] (We said), ‘O Yahya,18 hold the Book firmly.’19 And We granted him judgment (although still) a boy.20 Commentary 18. So the supplication was granted… more »
The Hadith

On the Islamic Nature of Will (Wasiyat)

Will (Wasiyat) forms part of monetary affairs. Through it, a man who owns some property declares that such a part of it shall… more »

The Tragedy of Woman in the West

The Western society seems to be approaching its journey’s end. Only the rediscovery of morality can give it a new lease of life. It must be clearly understood that the


Desire of God or ‘God’ of Desire

The Almighty never gave dominance to a civilization or a nation on the basis of the validity of its beliefs or the truth of its founding principles,