August 2011


The Way is the Way

Months and years will remain months and years: 12 months, 30 days.
The sun and the moon will remain in rotation.
Summer goes, autumn comes.
Women will remain women,

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Maryam (51-58)

[51] And recall in the Book (the account of) Musa. He was a chosen one,60 a Messenger and a Prophet.  Commentary 60. The textual “mukhlas”… more »
The Hadith

The Fasts of Ramadan

1. Narrated Abu Salama bin 'Abdur Rahman: that he asked 'Aisha "How was the prayer of Allah's Apostle in Ramadan?" She replied, "He… more »

Armed Struggles and the Long Term Price

The debate about the way to fight for freedom is usually emotional and sometimes acrimonious. All not surprising, because ‘freedom’ is a