April 2012


The Image of God

A famous prophetic statement says, “Allah created Adam in His image,” where, according to some scholars, the pronoun “His” refers to Allah. A few others have thought that it means,

The Hadith

Rights and Duties of Husband and Wife

THE special significance of matrimony in the economy of human relationships and the distinctive aims and advantages that are associated with it are… more »
The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Taha (41-55)

[41] And I have prepared you for Myself. [42] Go then, you and your brother, with My signs. And slacken not in My… more »
Press Release

The Draft Divorce Bill is a Direct Attack on the Shariah: AIUDF President Maulana Badruddin Ajmal

Mumbai March 25: The Draft Divorce Bill, prepared ostensibly to make the divorce process easier, is a direct attack on the Shariah and… more »

Exposing the Reality of ‘Reality Shows’

Most Reality TV shows today hamper the society’s culture and atmosphere rather than doing something constructive. These reality shows have crossed all boundaries

Book Review

A Booklet to Watch Out For!

The author’s analysis in ‘Looking for God?’ pinpoints the defining problem of the atheist as being his inability to go beyond the purely materialistic aspect of his thinking,