November 2012


Letters to the Editor

On ‘kissing the feet’, group dhikr, chatting on the internet, Hadith rejecters, and more.


Charlatan & Co.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) emphasized different things during different talks. So, to follow him correctly, we must learn the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the way of his Companions.

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-Anbiya’ (1-9)

[1] People’s Reckoning has drawn close, 2 but they turn away in heedlessness. 3 Commentary 1. `Abdullah ibn Mas`ud has said in a report in Bukhari,… more »
The Hadith

On the Islamic System of Government

Islam, as we know, is comprehensive of all the departments of life, both individual and collective. Like fundamental articles of faith, worship, morality,… more »

An American Woman on the Hajj (Part-1)

This essay by the American journalist, Michael Jansen, written in 1974, is a remarkable account of a new Muslim convert’s first impressions of the practical tour of Islam’s faith-universe: the Hajj.


My Journey to Islam (Part–2)

A Canadian Catholic recounts his search for the truth which ultimately led him from the contradictions of his Catholic dogmas to the light of Islam.


Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’s Many Firsts

Egyptian President Mursi’s purging of the army and ushering in of an understanding between the well-organized Islamists and the military is an extraordinary step by an ordinary man.

Photo feature

Images of Destruction from Syrian Cities

Scenes of death and destruction from Syria, where an uprising against Bashar Assad’s regime erupted in March 2011.

News Flashes

Flashes from the Muslim World

INDIA Islam not a negative force Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader warned recently not to generalize Islam as a negative force and called on… more »
Children’s Column

YMD Children’s Column

Add title of article here Important Notes 1:The translation of the Qur’an being presented here is interpretative. It is meant for children. Those… more »