August 2014


Letters to the Editor

On the Environemental crisis, quoting hadith, consecrated nights, and more…


Is there Intelligent Life on Earth?

Understanding the global environmental crisis.

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-Hajj (no. 22) [6 – 16]

[6] That (happens) because Allah, He is the Truth, and that it is He who gives life to the dead, and that He… more »
The Hadith

On the Importance of Single-minded Devotion

(1) It is related by Abdullah bin Umar that the Apostle of God said: “(Once), three men were going somewhere that it began… more »
News Flashes

Flashes from the Muslim World

INDIA Halal Income in India JanSeva, a cooperative credit society registered with the Indian government is promoting the concept of ‘halal income’ by… more »
Children’s Column

Children’s Column for YMD August 2014

The Qur’an for Young Hearts – 52 Important Notes 1:The translation of the Qur’an being presented here is interpretative. It is meant for… more »

Concept of Deity

The late Dr. John Henrik Clarke, a pre-eminent African-American historian, author of several volumes on the history of Africa and the Diaspora, taught… more »

Beautiful Dream of Israel has become a Nightmare

In Israel-Palestine the powerful party has succeeded in painting itself as the victim, while the ones being killed and maimed become the perpetrators,… more »

Gaza’s Resistance Will Not be Crushed

In Gaza, the past and the present are intertwined. Israel is united by the same purpose: crushing anyone who dares to resist. Palestinians in Gaza are also united with a common threat: their resistance, which, despite impossible odds seems likely to intensify.


Husband and Wife Relationship: An Islamic and Psychological Perspective (Part 1)

It is important to appreciate that a stable loving coherent family is essential for raising wholesome, dynamic, well-adjusted and socially competent children.

Contemporary Issue

U.S. Officials Peddle False Intel to Support Terror Plot Claims

U.S. officials have leaked information to bolster allegations that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was involved in a plot to assassinate Saudi Ambassador in Washington, D.C.


The Real Story of How Israel Was Created

Israel was born over the opposition of American experts and of governments around the world, who opposed it on both pragmatic and moral… more »

American Choice: Genocide Or Justice?

A fundamental debate on the underlying issues of a peace deal in Palestine is long overdue. Indeed, 66 years overdue.