May 2016


Evolution and its Adversaries – 8

Are genes responsible for schizophrenia, homosexuality, alcoholism, and so on?


Letters to the Editor

On ‘the Prophet in the Grave’, Lease, Insurance Companies, and more…

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah al-Mu’minun [112 – 118] & Al-Noor [1]

Tafsir and Commentary from Ishraq Al Ma’ani

The Hadith

On Love and Hatred

The Prophet (saws) has described love and affection to be among the essential qualities of Faith.

News Flashes

Flashes from the Muslim World

IDB Signs Rural Health Plan with Indian NGO, UAE businessman launches USD1.14bn Educational Fund, and more…

Children’s Column

Children’s Column – YMD May 2016

The Qur’an for Young Hearts, ‘This Tree’, and more…

Contemporary Issue

Behind Mask of Secularism, France Hardens Face towards Islam

in theory, under the French Constitution, all religions and races should be treated equally.


From Edge of Despair to Glory in Islam

A personal account of an American woman’s quest for the truth which led her to Islam.


`Abd al-Rahman b. `Awf (d. 31 H)

A Companion of the Prophet (s.a.w) and one of the ten who were explicitly promised paradise.


Why was the German Town of Dresden Burnt?

In February 1945, British and American bombers killed 25-35 thousand civilians,in just a few hours


On Groupism with in the Muslim Reform Movement

Muslims are moving away from being a part of the global Ummah to identifying themselves as members of cults.


Ten Facts Everyone Needs to Know about Israel

All factual information is verifiable and available within the public domain.