March 2017


Evolution and its Adversaries (Part-13)

It is being said that perhaps transposition is responsible in a large part for the appearance of new species. But the proof is yet to come.


Letters to the Editor

On Fatawa, Raf` al Yadayn , Scary Thoughts, Diversity and more…

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-Noor [39 – 43]

Tafsir and Commentary from Ishraq Al Ma’ani

The Hadith

Angel in the Form of a Man

Authentic Ahadith with Commentary

News Flashes

Flashes from the Muslim World

More Women to Join its Army, Seizes Pig Hairbrushes, Madinah Airport Ranked SecondBest in the Middle East

Children’s Column

Children’s Column

The Qur’an for Young Hearts, Inspiring Quotes, The Sacred Month of Rajab


‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’(Part-2)

Becoming Muslim is perceived by converts to be a building-upon over the best aspects of their original culture and values, not a rejection… more »


Ijtihad as a Legislative Function: Role of Ijtihad, Ifta and Taqlid in Legislative Process (Part-2)

In Islamic legislation Ijtihad plays an important role and has central position in the whole process. Demands of life change day by day… more »


2017 King Faisal International Prizes

The King Faisal International Prize (KFIP) is named after the third king of Saudi Arabia. In the year 1976, the sons of late… more »


Prophet Muhammad: Historical Fact or Fiction?

Despite the very authentic historicity of the life and achievements of Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, vested academic interests have throughout the… more »

Contemporary Issue

The Neo-Con West and Global Destruction: A ‘New World Order’ of Globalized Despair

The Neo-Con ‘West’ and its allies want to destroy the Middle East so that they can control the Middle East, writes MARK TALIANO.… more »