July 2017


Evolution and its Adversaries (Part-15)

Symbiotic simultaneity militates against any notion of gradual increases in biochemical complexity vis-a vis piecemeal incrementalism.


Letters to the Editor

On Lord’s Anger, Sickening Age, Punishment in the Grave and more…

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-Noor [63 – 64]

Tafsir and Commentary from Ishraq Al Ma’ani

The Hadith

The Qudsi (Sacred) Hadith

Authentic Ahadith with Commentary

Children’s Column

Children’s Column

The Qur’an for Young Hearts, Your Ramadan: Accepted or Rejected

News Flashes

Flashes from the Muslim World

Key Facts about Qatar, Abu Dhabi mosque renamed, Miswak – a Natural toothbrush, Dates – Healthy to Eat, World’s Most Expensive Footballer Performs Umrah


US Admits FBI Falsified Evidence to Obtain Convictions

The scandal over fraudulent testimony, however, only reveals the corrupt and anti-democratic character of the US prison system as a whole. The United… more »

Contemporary Issue

Fifty Years after 1967: The U.S. and Occupation by another Name

If the US President genuinely seeks to broker “the ultimate deal” between Israelis and Palestinians, he will need to go beyond platitudes and… more »


Living Islam: Between Indifference and Extremism (Part 2)

The challenge before us is to kick out both laxity and extremism in our midst, and to lead a moderate life obeying Allah… more »