May 2018


Letters to the Editor

On After Wife’s Death, Subscription, Khilafah and more…


The Dagger of Islam

It’s not the dagger. Your dishonesty is despite your assumed objectivity in writings. You know it’s the arrow – the arrow of Islam – that frets you.

The Qur’an

Translation and Commentary of Verses from Surah 26: Al-Shu`ara’ (The Poets) [ 7 – 33 ]

Tafsir and Commentary from Ishraq Al Ma’ani

The Hadith

Kitab al-Iman: On Modesty As a Part of Faith

Authentic Ahadith with Commentary

News Flashes

Flashes from the Muslim World

First Women’s Police Station, Muslim Rap Duo create ‘Halal’ remix of Havana, Europe’s first Eco-Mosque…

Children’s Column

Children’s Column

The Biggest Fool in the World, Friendly Dolphins, Seerah Quiz and more…


Aminah bint Mihsan: An Early Immigrant

Among the early immigrants who left Makkah for Madinah when persecution of the Muslims in Makkah reached its peak.


Galaxy without Any Dark Matter Baffles Astronomers

Scientists were recently surprised to find galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 devoid of the mysterious substance.


With God As My Witness

A heart-wrenching poem on Asifa. #JusticeForAsifa

Human Rights

Civilians without Hope, a Leader without a Country: Call this a Victory?

Syrian strongman, Assad, claims he has restored sovereignty to Syria, but grievances remain deep for both vanquished and victors.