February 2019


Reason and Logic (Part-2)

In a previous issue (Dec. 2018) we have pointed out that the world is largely lived in, and ruled, by those who have reason and logic missing in their mental make-up.


Letters to the Editor

On Co-education, Tattoos, Scholarship and more…

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah 26: Al-Shu`ara’ (The Poets) [ 221 – 227 ]

Tafsir and Commentary from Ishraq Al Ma’ani

The Hadith

Characteristics of the Believer: Selections from Kitab al-Iman of Miftah al-Ma`ani

Authentic Ahadith with Commentary

News Flashes

Flashes from the Muslim World

More than Three Million Umrah Visas Issued So Far, The Abandoned Catastrophe, Green Gold Olive Industry Hit by Export Ban, MWL Chief Inaugurates Comoros Projects, Gift to Mesut Ozil, Muhammad Ali – Naming of the Airport and more…

Children’s Column

Children’s Column

The Two Friends and the Ripped Pieces of Paper, Twelve Signs in Our Bodies, Riddles and more…


DNA Structure Discoverer and Nobel Laureate, James Watson’s Honorary Titles Withdrawn

Eminent geneticist, James Watson, has had the last of his honorary titles stripped from him after doubling down on controversial statements about race and intelligence.… more »
Human Rights

What Can Antonio Guterres at the UN or the International Crimes Tribunal do about State Terrorism?

In the past – as in recent times – our international bodies have repeatedly proven inept, if not directly complicit, in handling state-driven… more »


Life and Travel Experiences of Shibli Nu’mani

Known for his founding of the Shibli National College in 1883 and the Darul Mussanifin (House of Writers) in Azamgarh, in the Uttar… more »

Contemporary Issue

The Twisted Logic of the Jewish ‘Historic Right’ to Israel

Our political culture insists on seeing the Jews as the direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews. But the Jews never existed as a… more »


Moroccan Woman’s Center for Cancer Patients

A 72-year-old Moroccan widow turns her home into a shelter for cancer patients and is fast becoming a solid ray of hope for… more »