Book Review

Yakov Rabkin’s Devastating Critique of Zionism: It is Opposed to Jewish Tradition and Liberalism

Zionism produced a state that rejected “Judaism and its humility.” The new Zionist/ Israeli culture sees itself as resolutely European, writes Philip Weiss

The Lies of 9/11 Miracle Workers

David Ray Griffin is not alone in his assessment that 9/11 was an inside job done to legitimize disastrous policies at home and abroad.

The Revival of Islam in the Balkans: From Identity to Religiosity

The book’s central thesis questions much of the popular scholarship on Muslims and Islam.

‘The Creation Mystery – Qur’an and Science’

A one of a kind attempt at unraveling the mystery of creation while at the same time reestablishing in believers their faith in the Holy Qur’an

International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies

The book traces the history of optics from the early Egyptian and Greek civilizations to the present.

The International Curricula Organization (ICO) Texts: A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies

A new international curriculum for teaching Islamic Studies and Arabic at schools where these subjects are being taught has been making waves in… more »

The Unmaking of Israel

A well worthwhile study in current political thought in Israel from the Jewish perspective looking for a fair, equitable, and democratic state, alongside the same for the Palestinians.

A Booklet to Watch Out For!

The author’s analysis in ‘Looking for God?’ pinpoints the defining problem of the atheist as being his inability to go beyond the purely materialistic aspect of his thinking,

Tafsir Ishraq al-Ma’ani – Vol XII

While elucidating the Qur’anic allusions and events, Zaheer relies on classical Tafsir and, in relating the message of the Qur’an to our time,


Syed Ahmad Esar in that he has rendered that celebrated text in verse form in Urdu by incorporating all the subtleties and nuances of the language as well of

Hizbullah – Party of God: An Islamic Movement Perspective

Hizbullah – Party of God: An Islamic Movement Perspective is an immensely readable book, a good introduction to a unique Islamic movement and a welcome counter to much

Tuhfat al-Mujahidin

The Tuhfat is a chronicle of the stiff resistance put up by the Muslims of Malabar against the Portuguese colonialists from 1498, when Vasco Da Gama arrived in Calicut,

An Introduction to the Arabic Language through Islamic Texts

Syed Iqbal Zaheer’s notable, and innovative, effort in his An Introduction to the Arabic Language Through Islamic Texts must be seen as path-breaking and

Nature and the Qur’an

Book: Nature and the Qur’an Author: S. Tahsin Ahmed Reviewer: Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan Publisher: Academy Publishers, B’lore Pages: 145, Photos: 10, Year:… more »

Two More Volumes of Tafsir Ishraq al–Ma’ani

In the latest installments of his important multi-volume Qur’an commentary, Syed Iqbal Zaheer’s selection of material is, on the whole, intelligent and apt, which is successful,