Assalaamu Alaykum! Welcome to the YMD Children's Column. A section dedicated for Muslim children, with exciting stories, fun facts, articles, inspirational quotes, and lots more...

The Children's Column is featured every month in the YMD Magazine. Click on the links below to proceed.

September, 2019

Facts and Challenges of the Growing-Up Years, Foolish Parents and many more...

August, 2019

The Dog and the Pelican, Muslim Slaves: America’s First Muslims and many more...

July, 2019

July, 2019

Bonding with the Qur’an, the Divine Manual for Human Life

June, 2019

Bonding with the Qur’an, the Divine Manual for Human Life

May, 2019

Ramadan: the Spiritual and Physical Detoxifier, Tragedy or Blessing? and more...

April, 2019

It’s All about Faith!, The 1AM Visitor, Sacred Conversation and more...

March, 2019

What is Naseeha, The Penpal and more...

February, 2019

The Two Friends and the Ripped Pieces of Paper, Twelve Signs in Our Bodies, Riddles and more...

January, 2019

The Tree and Gold Coin, Excerpts from Imam Ghazali’s Ten Principles (for Those Seeking the Path of Allah) and more...

December, 2018

How to get closer to Allah, A Bamboo Tree, Crossword Quiz

November, 2018

The Puppy, Two Frogs in the Milk, Did You Know?

October, 2018

The Six Blind Men and the Elephant, A shift if perspective, Did you know that?

September, 2018

Like a Good Tree, Halal Joke, Poem, Stairway to Heaven, The Joker and the Blind Boy...

August, 2018

The Place of the Mosque in Islam, A Friend in Need…, Proverbs