IMF, WB and WTO: Servants of Western Corporatism

Countries, nations and societies, should be wary of listening and adhering to, and working with, these nefarious globalizing organizations – IMF, WTO and… more »

Where Islam Deviates from Classical Economic Theory is the Beginning of Keynisian Economics

Islam proposes a moderate economic policy where the government has the power to intervene in the market only while people go about polluting… more »

Islamic Banking and Finance: A Review

Today, Islamic banking is grappling with innumerable challenges that have led it to stand at a cross roads.

Zakat as Welfare System

With international welfare systems all but breaking down and with poverty and inequality rising, it is high time to give serious thought to Islam’s Zakat system.

Financial Markets Could be Over-heating, Warns Central Bank Body

Global debt levels have escalated to unstable levels largely in response to almost zero interest rates to create a situation that could be ‘worse than 2007.’

A Tale of Two Nations: Russia vs USA Economic Prospects

Russia’s economic outlook looks excellent going forward while that of Trump’s America looks bleak

Five Reasons to Worry about Deflation

Prophet Muhammad (saws) had refused to interfere in the market economy, letting it flow on, following political, economic, social, and natural forces.

The Financial System is a Larger Threat than Terrorism

The financial system has done more damage to Americans than terrorists could possibly inflict.

Towards an Alternative in Economics

Every economy has limited and scarce resources at its disposal. The economic prosperity then depends on how these resources are utilized in an optimum way.

The Psychological Role of Islam in Economic Development (Part-2)

Taking Islam as the basis for general organization allows us to set up all of our life, both spiritual and social aspects, on one foundation.

The Psychological Role of Islam in Economic Development (Part-1)

My faith and conviction have grown that the Ummah has actively begun to open up to its true mission represented in Islam, and… more »

War with God?

Interest is like a Termite. It destroys the economy slowly from inside. Only the outlook will look good and it will be hollow inside.

Islamic Investment Opportunities in India

To assess the extent of Islamic investment opportunities on the stock market, one only has to look at the availability of stocks that conform to the norms stipulated by the Islamic Shariah,

Zakah: the Purifier of a Muslim’s Wealth

Nowadays, people consider obligatory Zakah as being merely a special act associated with Ramadan like Zakat al-Fitr and the fast.

Alternative Investments and Credits Limited, Kochi: an Interest Free Venture

The economic system of Islam offers an equitable, yet viable alternative to the interest-based financial system that prevails globally today.This alternative system has been tried successfully in various forms in different parts of the world –