Human Rights

‘Apologize for your Crimes!’– Mexico to Spain and Vatican

Mexico suffered terribly, especially from Spanish conquest, but not only from it: it was also bled by France, the United States and others.… more »

Lawyers Worldwide Urge International Court: Investigate Israeli Crimes

On the eve of the first anniversary of the ‘Great March of Return’ at the Gaza border, lawyers and jurists around the world… more »

Women Politicals of the American Empire and the Plight of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in Context

‘Terrorism’ charges needing no habeus corpus or rules of evidence, mean no justice and no sanity for Muslim women caught by the US ‘justice’ system.

What Can Antonio Guterres at the UN or the International Crimes Tribunal do about State Terrorism?

In the past – as in recent times – our international bodies have repeatedly proven inept, if not directly complicit, in handling state-driven… more »

Persecution in China

A Uighur Muslim woman and mother of three said she was tortured and abused at an internment camp where the Chinese government is detaining… more »

The Rohingya Exodus: ‘The British Still Hold Values!’

Few independent human rights experts have any faith in the internal inquiry set up by the Burmese government. British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt,… more »

China Launches Anti-Halal Campaign in Xinjiang

The capital of China’s Xinjiang region, home to the mostly Muslim Uighur minority, has launched a campaign against halal products to stop Islam… more »

Child Concentration Camps in USA

The Trump administration in the US has begun detaining children indefinitely, having pulled out of the Flores settlement, a court agreement that barred… more »

‘Tied to Trees and Raped’: UN Report Details Rohingya Horrors

UN investigators publish a 440-page report detailing evidence for accusation of genocide against Burmese military. Horrific accounts of murders, rapes, torture and indiscriminate shelling allegedly committed by… more »

How the World Learned China is Holding Over a Million Muslims in Internment Camps

Regular citizens, reporters and rights groups adapted themselves to get the truth out about China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims.

Geneva Conventions: How ‘Grave Breaches’ are Defined in the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols

The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols are at the core of international humanitarian law.

The US Record of Drone Bombings

According to Newsweek, Trump has killed more innocent civilians via drone bombings in seven months, than Obama did in eight years.

‘It Feels Like Being on Death Row!’

To be Black and male in white America, with its white state violence, and its history of white supremacy is like being on death row.

Civilians without Hope, a Leader without a Country: Call this a Victory?

Syrian strongman, Assad, claims he has restored sovereignty to Syria, but grievances remain deep for both vanquished and victors.

Benign State Violence vs. Barbaric Terrorism

It would by hypocritical to justify one form of extrajudicial killing while demonizing another. Yet that is exactly what happens.