Human Rights

There are No Longer Any Words to Describe Syria’s Horror

The war in Syria has exhausted all superlatives. Worst day, worst month, worst year, worst ever. Words fail to describe the destruction of this ancient, beautiful land.

Muslims in China: A Long History of Oppression

China, with its illegal occupation of the largely Muslim populated area of Xinjiang, has almost put an end to Muslim communal life there.

Unworthy Victims: Western Wars Have Killed Four Million Muslims Since 1990

The total number of deaths from Western interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 1990s likely constitute around 4 million, and could be as high as 6-8 million.

Has the UN Failed Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims?

The UN leadership in Myanmar tried to stop the Rohingya rights issue being raised with the government, sources in the UN and aid community told the BBC.

A Shameful Silence: Where is the Outrage Over the Slaughter of Civilians in Mosul?

Why has there not been more outcry over the destruction of west Mosul?

‘Burmese Military Killed Seven of My Children,’ Says Rohingya Refugee

According to the UN, an estimated 30,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled their homes in the Rakhine region of northwestern Myanmar in recent months.

The Genocide of a Land

The obstacle to peace is the US government, which has consistently opposed the entire world’s decades-long effort to stop the Zionist genocide of Palestine.

Palestinians inside Israel are under Attack

Slowly the ethos of the military government for Israel’s Palestinians is returning.

Nice Attacks: Destroying Evidence at Crime Scene

France’s anti-terrorist executive has ordered Nice’s urban surveillance authorities to destroy all CCTV footage of the Nice Attacks.

The Plight and Persecution of the Rohingyas in Myanmar

Muslims in the whole of Buddhist-governed Southeast Asian Myanmar face persecution, but the Rohingya minority community is suffering the most.

The Pivot of Human Dignity

Author argues for ensuring human security, and calls upon Islamic organizations and governments of Muslim countries to raise the issue of global security.

Shocking Nagaism in Dimapur with National Media at its Irresponsible Best

It is time for TRP hungry media houses to behave responsibly.

The Big Torture Story Everyone is Missing

The media is focusing on the wrong senate torture report.

The Killing of Awlaki’s Son

The U.S., over and over, eradicates people’s lives by the dozens from the sky, with bombs, with checkpoint shootings, with night raids —… more »

Children of Myanmar

The ethnic violence in Myanmar has had terrific costs not just in life and property lost for the one million Rohingya Muslims of… more »