Mirrored Reflections

Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She wrapped herself in a warm quilt and turned off the TV. “How could he treat his… more »

A Page from ‘Muslim Women: A Biographical Dictionary’ (Part-1)

Abbādiyya: The slave of al-Mu`tadid `Abbād, the ruler of Seville (deposed 483/1081), she was an excellent writer, poet and linguist and lived in… more »

Ten Facts Everyone Needs to Know about Israel

All factual information is verifiable and available within the public domain.

The “Who’s Who” of the Muslim World (Part–1)

Fethullah Gulen, an important thinker and writer from Turkey, is among the most effective activists in twentieth-century Turkey.

Oldest Fragments of the Qur’an

Two parchment leaves of a Qur’anic text dating back to within two decades of Prophet Muhammad’s death, indicate that the Qur’an has remained unchanged.

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’s Many Firsts

Egyptian President Mursi’s purging of the army and ushering in of an understanding between the well-organized Islamists and the military is an extraordinary step by an ordinary man.