Interviews with American Women (Part-1)

The extracts provided herein under are from the book, Daughters of Another Path, by Carol Anway. It showcases, in brief, experiences of different… more »

Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives (Part 2)

Despite all the integration issues, it is undeniable that Islam offers to converts an escape from the undignified stereotypes and oppressing demands of… more »

An American Mormon’s Journey to Islam

“Since I took Shahada, my life went in a different direction, a positive direction, and I can only thank God for it.”

Mending My Ways…

We must ponder over Allah’s wisdom in which He (swt) tests His chosen slaves, and by means of which He (swt) guides and… more »

Khadijah (Sue) Watson: Former Pastor, Missionary and Professor

The story of an American Christian missionary who accidentally discovered the truth of Islam and finally made the hard decision to embrace it… more »

‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’(Part-2)

Becoming Muslim is perceived by converts to be a building-upon over the best aspects of their original culture and values, not a rejection… more »

‘Narratives of Conversion to Islam: Female Perspectives’ (Part 1)

While some converts made the decision of adopting the traditional mode of Islamic dressing completely and had to a face serious identity crisis,… more »

From a Negative Image to the Real Picture of Islam

How a Catholic Philippine nurse found, in the message of Islam, the truth that she was seeking for all her life.

From Edge of Despair to Glory in Islam

A personal account of an American woman’s quest for the truth which led her to Islam.

Amazing Story of How a Christian Preacher named ‘Skip’ Came to Islam-2

Part 2 of the journey of Yusuf Estes to Islam.

Amazing Story of How a Christian Preacher named ‘Skip’ Came to Islam-1

From Christianity to Islam. The story of Yusuf Estes.

A Story of Conviction and Change

If the message of Islam reaches all people, then even their lives will transform like mine did, says Sohail Siddique.

Anselm Tormeeda: A Fourteenth Century Christian Scholar and Priest Turned Muslim

The history of ANSELM TORMEEDA, a priest and Christian scholar, is worth relating. The following extract is from the introduction of his famous book.

On the Directness of Divine Communication

Every time the Qur’an answered a question, it would be in words: “They ask you regarding…so tell them…”

The Amazing Story of an American Jew Who ‘Converted’ from Shas to Hamas

A Satmar Hasid moved to Israel from Brooklyn, but became disenchanted with teachings of Ovadiah Yosef; he converted to Islam and now supports Hamas.