Role of Mosque and Education in Islam

In the early Islamic period, the Masjid served many purposes, and took on a comprehensive role in the lives of Muslims.

New Trends in Awqaf for Undertaking Charitable Activities

Muslims can improve their social, economic, educational and infrastructural status only if…

24 Hours with a Minimum-Wage Worker

The declining living standards of the US working class in these recent times of global recession still hold out as surprising revelations at… more »

‘I Shop, therefore I am!’

The last two decades have witnessed an over expanding interest in consumerism. We are a society consumed by consumerism.

India’s Oldest MP Hangs Up his Boots

While Keishing retires as the world’s oldest Member of Parliament, his criticism of the present parliamentary scene in India is might not be… more »

An Important Hadith for Husband-Wife Relationship

It is important that one should be keen to follow the Prophet’s example in interpersonal relationships with others: wife, children, relatives and fellow Muslims.

A Truth-revealing Question to the Muslim Woman: The Unbelievers Want to Know, ‘Where do you Stand?’

The way Muslim women should dress in public has been a strongly debated topic in recent months. But a new study has now… more »

Unpaid Student Loans in the US Top $1 Trillion

G iving validation to Occupy Wall Street protests over the increasing burdens of student debt, a new report indicates that the total amount… more »

Beware: the Craze will be Down here Soon

Pumping someone’s body full of free-flowing substances like Silicone is extremely dangerous. Hence, it has been illegal to inject fluids like Silicone into… more »

Women’s Rights: the Perspective of a Parallel History

Misguided feminism justifies itself in the name of freedom. This borrowed culture has neither helped nor will it help the people who adopt it as their own.

Pornography: No Gain, Only Pain

While the world continuous to progress technologically, faster than its growth in technology, it is worsening morally and spiritually.

Woman, the Bread-winner: From Housewife to Public’s wife

The rise of breadwinner mothers in the US highlights the fact that, not only are more mothers balancing work and family these days, but the economic burden on mothers could also affect

Ya Habibi!: A Personal Account from a Martyr’s Wife

Presented hereunder is a personal, moving, account of Asmaa Hussein, a Muslim wife who lost her husband as one in the hundreds of innocent casualties

Senior Vatican Cleric Arrested in Money Smuggling Case

A senior Catholic cleric arrested for plotting to help rich friends smuggle tens of millions of euros in cash.

British Upper Class Turning to Islam

Authentic research has shown that over 14,000 British men and women have converted to Islam after having lost hope in the style of life the West is offering.