October 2001


Letters to the Editor

On Sayyid Qutb, Wrong Approach, Internet Service Center, YMD Contents, Coke Bottles and many more…


A Trustworthy Religion – 1

The religion that men inherit, is, over the ages defined, developed and modified in such a way as to appear and be acceptable to its adherents as the most rational, reasonable, practical and correct. Every previous generation adherents act as guardians to their religion,

The Hadith

Wealth and Knowledge

1. Anas (ra) says the Prophet (saws) passed by the house of an  Ansari that had a dome over its entrance. He enquired… more »
The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Al-Anfal (44-49)

[44] And when He was showing them to you (O believers) - when you encountered them - as few in your eyes,83 and He… more »