March 2002


Letters to the Editor

On Marriage age, Fixed Deposit, Abortion, Prok, Da’wah work, Jihad and many more…



We have been asked about the Islamic system of government, whether it is close to democracy or not. Not only the manner of this recent question, but

The Qur’an

Surah Al-Tawbah1 (1-5 )

Madinan2   Commentary The Background Here is a shortened version of what Rashid Rida had to say as the background story of this… more »
The Hadith

Signs of the Approaching Hour

The ahadith under this section are from ‘Ashrat al-Sa`ah’ by Yusuf Abdullah al-Wabil, pub., Dar ibn al-Jawziyyah, Saudi Arabia, 1996.  Some notes are… more »