March 2012


The Qur’an and Blood-letting

A young man, originating from an Arab country known for its commitment to Islam, and from a family known for its religiousness, fresh in USA as a student, has raised a few questions,

The Qur’an

Verses from Surah Taha (23-40)

[23] In order that We may show you (some) of Our great signs. [24] Go to Fir`awn. He has indeed transgressed (all bounds).’21… more »
The Hadith

On Monetary Affairs

The guidance, rules and regulations that have reached us through the holy Prophet concerning our monetary affairs, or Muamlaat as it is called,… more »

‘Sound Social Awareness a Must for Consolidating the Results of Mass Movements in the Arab World’

Speaking at a recent event in Bangalore, Dr. K. T. Jaleel – a member of the Kerala legislative assembly – expressed the opinion… more »
Press Release

LEAD Talent Search Examination (LTSE) 2012: Opening New Doors of Opportunity

LEAD Trust, Bangalore, announces the date for the LEAD Talent Search Examination (LTSE) 2012. The Entrance test for students will be held in… more »