‘The Creation Mystery – Qur’an and Science’


Name: The Creation Mystery – Qur’an and Science

Author: Moid Siddiqui

Publishers: Adam Publishers and Distributers

Reviewer: Zainab Aliyah

The Muslim community has forever been in conflict with the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, refuting its claims strongly on the one hand but lacking evidence to support their own negation on the other. The only likely response that they could offer was that, the Holy Qur’an says, Adam was created a complete man with his, conscience, consciousness and soul intact, hence, that could never be incorrect.

Moid Siddiqui, in his book Creation Mystery: Quran and Science, presents to the world a rational investigation in the creation of man and the universe, while maintaining throughout, a perfect balance between the scientific discoveries stated and their mention in the Holy Qur’an almost a millennium prior to their recent discovery.

The Theory of Evolution and many others, including some related to the famous Big Bang, crumble before modern findings leaving no option but to accept the much-neglected, obvious conclusion: the Qur’an cannot be anything less than the word of the Creator of the cosmos and mankind, Himself.

Siddiqui focuses on topics such as the creation of the universe, creation of Mankind, creation of Jinnkind, the presence of black holes in the universe and how, they will set in motion the commencement of the Last Hour. While such topics have only been the much celebrated hobbies of the likes of Nostradamus, Creation Mystery: Quran and Science presents before its readers evidence for its claims, and its acknowledgement from distinguished scientists of the present century, like Dr. Maurice Bucaille, author of ‘The Bible, The Quran and Science’,and Stephen Hawking, who discusses similar theories of cosmology in his book, ‘A Brief History of Time.’

Although, the topic has already been dealt with extensively, by many specialists, much before Siddiqui’s own venture, his work stands out owing to its classic simplicity, which does not leave the reader fumbling for help with cosmological or Quranic terminology. The language used is effortless but does not fail in convincing its readers.

The book is aimed at an audience that is more concerned with the research of the fact that the verses that make up the Holy Quran are more than just mere fallacies of a sorcerer, as the Arabs in the past liked to think, and with only a passing interest in cosmology.

Creation Mystery: Quran and Science’, by Moid Siddiqui is a one of a kind attempt at unraveling the mystery of creation while at the same time reestablishing in believers their faith in the Holy Qur’an and making others question their skepticism of the Islamic faith. All that said, it is definitely a book not worth missing!

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