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November, 2022

One of the divine attributes of our Lord – Allah ta’ala, is Al-Noor, the Light. It is said in the Qur’an: “Allah is… more »

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October, 2022

What happened in Iran recently is one of the many reasons, which gives rise to Islamophobia. It is very unfortunate that 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in the hospital after being arrested by the Iranian morality police.

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September, 2022

  The auditorium was full to its capacity. Enthusiastic teenagers were all geared up to pick and choose the best career for themselves.… more »

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August, 2022

The concept of heaven has always been a different ideology amongst different communities, and it is obviously influenced by the religion followed. For… more »

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June, 2022

  Even before Muhammad (saws) was assigned to the office of Prophethood, he was known for his trustworthiness. People of Makkah called him… more »

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March, 2022

When gentle and persuasive arguments of the prophets to their respective nations, fell on deaf and hard hearts, the result was pitted out… more »

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February, 2022

The Purpose of Life

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January, 2022

Be it the bare-legged Barbie doll with her male friend, Ken, or Snow White and Cinderella with their prince charming, it has been a systematic manipulation of the innocent minds.

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November, 2021

Pen Pal Column The Liberal Islam Amatul Hakim   The majority of the “educated" people of the modern era consider Islam to be… more » Read more »

September, 2021

Pen Pal Column ‘Oh Thou, Muslim Women!’ Amatul Hakim   With the American troops withdrawing from the Afghan territory, the entire world is… more » Read more »
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