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The Qur’an for Young Hearts – 70

Important Notes

1:The translation of the Qur’an being presented here is interpretative. It is meant for children. Those who can understand other translations should better consult them.

2. Parents are advised to hold sessions at home and teach the verses and explanation as given here, and, if they can, add more from Qur’anic commentaries.

3. Answers to exercise below may be attempted. Parents may evaluate them and reward the children suitably.

4. Schools could also include this in their Islamic curriculum.

5. The underlined words have been explained in the Dictionary given below.

Verses from Surah No. 2, al-Baqarah

[257] Allah is the Protector of the believers. He brings them out from darknesses into Light. As for the unbelievers, their patrons are the evil ones. They bring them out from Light into darknesses. These are companions of the Fire. They shall stay in it forever.

Understanding this verse:

Allah protects the believers in Him from mental and physical harm caused by the unbelievers in Him, both the human as well as the Jinn kind. They keep attacking the faith of the believer, their habits and culture. Their propaganda attack has no end in sight. Their objective is to turn them into what they themselves are: way off from what a human should be, way off from human beings were 50 years ago. When they fail to budge the Muslims to abandon Islam, they attack them physically trying to bomb them out or force them to submission and not resist them when they steal their national wealth. When Muslims fight back, they are called terrorists and then their non-resisting people are bombed in order to stop the resistance. The unbelievers also provoke misguided sects against the mainstream Muslim, and help the losing party so that they keep fighting between themselves until exhaustion. And then they say, “Look! Muslim are killing Muslims. Islam is a religion of violence.” But when Muslims are attacked, in any part of the world, they hide the news, and if it gets out, they call it an aggression by Muslims, or, when it is known by all that Muslims are victims, they say, “This is ethnic cleansing, not a religious attack.” They also try to push Muslims out of their lands so that they can give the lands to their friends. If they could, they would wipe out Muslims from the face of the earth. In fact, some have gone so far as to say, “Nuke them.” Others have suggested that Makkah and Madinah should be nuked.

But, their efforts fail. True, the Muslims suffer. But they come out stronger, not at all weaker. This is the true meaning of Allah’s protection. Loser is he who will land in Hellfire – sooner or later. Winner is he who will enter Paradise.

Thus, whatever happens to the Muslims, Allah helps them remain steadfast. If they commit wrong, as many actually do wrong, they enter into the state of darknesses. But then, Allah’s protection gets going, and, they are brought out of the darknesses into Light, while those who are trying to eliminate them from the earth, or reduce them to the state of “slum dwellers,” they are driven away from Allah’s love, care and mercy; in other words from whatever little inclination they had for their Creator, is removed from them completely. This is how they are driven away from Light into darknesses. They die in despair, if they do not commit suicide, individually or collectively. After killing Muslims, by habit they will find others to kill, wars will take place between themselves. Just recently they killed each other to the cool number of 5 crores. Muslims may wait and see how turn the events.

You will notice that Allah used the word “Light” in singular but “darknesses” in plural. This is because the path of true guidance is only one: the path that leads to the Lord of all. That is the path of submission to Him. But paths that take men away from Allah, are many. There is that abandoning of the parents, there is that of neglecting children, there is that of neglecting the poor, the orphan, the widows, there is that of wine, drugs, homosexuality – there are many and many paths that cut humans from their Lord.

If Muslims also follow their ways, they will lose Allah as their Protector.

(To be continued)

Trust in Allah, Not in a Human Being!

Quite recently, I chanced upon a chat I was not meant to see, a conversation by two people I call my friends, two people I really love and care about, two friends.

I got the shock of my life…

I spoke to an elderly friend who advised me to confront these friends of mine… Initially,I decided to, but later,I changed my mind and asked Allah to help me deal with the betrayal instead and as usual he did. Not only did He take the pain from my heart but He helped me understand that I can never put my trust in a human being.

People you love and care about may lie about you, gossip, conspire and hate you for nothing; it’s amazing… but there’s not much you can do about it… it’s them.

There are people who only say nice things in front of you but have nothing good to say about you when you are not around yet they call themselves your friends.

All you’ve got to do as a believer is to ask your Allah to help you deal with the situation and to let the situation teach you the lesson(s) that it’s meant to teach you..nothing happens by mistake…good or bad.

It’s not easy, I have been there, but it’s worth it.

So i watch them (these friends), but I thank Allah for letting me see people for who they are and being able to take the hurt from my heart. I feel a lot free and a lot wiser, the scales have been removed even though it was a painful process.

If you are going through any form of betrayal, you may be hurt but the best thing to do it to ask to help you deal with it. Being bitter and unforgiving will hurt you more than heal you.

Just let go and let God.

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”


Did You Know…?

  • Ten percent of all American doctors are Muslim. That’s beside the fact that the hospital is the invention of Muslims.
  • Edible Arrangements, with close to 1,200 locations worldwide, was founded by Tariq Farid, a Muslim American entrepreneur.
  • America’s most popular food cart in 2013, with almost 50,000 Foursquare check-ins, is The Halal Guys in New York City.


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