History Repeats Itself

When gentle and persuasive arguments of the prophets to their respective nations, fell on deaf and hard hearts, the result was pitted out of courtesy and plea for toleration, it was prejudiced and always against that group who tried to follow the commands of one supreme God.

But yes, bigotry and unrighteousness have their own crooked ways of pretending to be tolerant. Their reply would be: “We are for our country and religion. Come back to the ways of our fathers, and we shall graciously forgive you.”

“Coming back” – they meant, ignorance and injustice, oppression and paganism.Certainly there was bribe as well as the threat hidden in their statement. Bribe to grant the material wealth and position in the society, in return of one’s conscience or ability to sense right from wrong, and courage to follow it. And threat, to snatch away the basic right as a human, on following one’s conscience, and detesting from vice practices.

On this, the followers of one supreme God retorted: “Neither bribes nor threats, nor deceptive appeals to patriotism, in the name of uniformity and equality, can move us. The matter rests with God, whose will and pleasure we obey, and on whom alone we rely. His knowledge will search out the folly and pretence.”

Alas! This endless fight between truth and falsehood has continued even today. Be it France, China, Burma or America on the persecution of Muslims. The history has repeated itself many times, and yet again.

The approach of the oppressors has been characteristic with that of the past Unbelieving nations: when bribes and subtleties failed, they resort to the worse-persecution and condemnation.

The believers being prevented from the access to all means of honourable livelihood, their families and dependents insulted, criticized and tortured.

The disbelievers, on other hand, grow and multiply, and become scornful of their power and affluence. They think the world will go on like this for all the time. But, does it?

What about the plans of the architect who created and planned the world? What will happen to these wicked oppressors when their rope is held? Didn’t the nemesis, the inescapable downfall, take the likes of them to their knees?

To chose faith over the materialism, to prefer the after World over the present, is not an easy task, and it will never be, until one’s faith is as strong as Bilal’s or the likes of him. And for such, our prophet (peace be upon him) gave good news of security from the harm of those who opposed, or even abandoned the commandments of Allah ta’ala, and this will remain until the Day of judgement.

The struggle against falsehood may overwhelm us, but without this struggle we will not qualify to be with the righteous in the Jannah. The truth spoken by the most truthful, gave us predictions concerning our struggle against leaders of falsehood, and our victory over them.

The Arabs of pre-Islamic Arabia, the Romans and the Persians were all defeated, so what doubt that Dajjal will appear and what doubt that the body of Muslims will come out victorious against him?

Isn’t the present situation pointing towards the much bigger trial ahead, the Fitan of Dajjal?

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