Attacks of Shaytan

As Allah (swt) says in the Qur’an, nothing in this world has been created without purpose, or in vain. Even the Shaytan has been doing what he is doing only with the permission of Allah (swt), as part of a wiser plan which Allah (swt) has set.

When asked, what is the wisdom and purpose in scruples (wasawis in Arabic) being visited on us, which are thus harmful and an affliction for believers, Said Nursi, one of the eminent scholars from the central Asian region, said:

“On condition that scruples do not lead to excess or overwhelm a person, they are the cause of vigilance, which give rise to seriousness by banishing indifference and carelessness. Therefore, in this realm of examination and arena of competition, the Absolutely Wise One put this in the hands of Shaytan, as a whip of encouragement for us.”

That is to say, a Muslim should always be vigilant so as to not fall into the trap of Shaytan, and constantly focus on what has been demanded from him, by Allah (swt)

Most often, in adolescence, than in any other period of life, the physical desires are at the peak. Thus, a favourable playground for Shaytan to achieve his purpose. As we all know from the Qur’an, Shaytan calls us towards immodesty, filth and sins, while Allah (swt) wants us to enjoy the best and the pure things.

Nevertheless, Shaytan can only provoke us with immodest thoughts, whether to take action and implement the provocation, or ignore them, is entirely up to the human will. To understand how the Shaytanic provocation work, will definitely help one to save himself from the same.

Firstly, more importance it is given, by pondering over it, the more it will grow. If ignored, it will die away. If one fears these thoughts, they will swell and make him ill with their constant pounding within the mind.

If one is not aware of their true nature, they persist and become established, but if one knows them and recognises them, it becomes easier to get rid of them, with the help of Allah (swt).

So, scruples are such thoughts that ignorance and carelessness invite, and knowledge and strong faith in Allah (swt) repulses them.

To start with, Shaitaan first casts a temptation; if one clings to it, then that turns into imagination of some unclean memories.If not stopped at this, heart desires the physical action, and once you give in to this desire, the Shaytan gets a better hold over you and you are plunged into heedlessness, where nothing matters to you except your desires. Allah‘s commands,modesty, fear of parents and community, all take a back seat.

Understand that temptation is not your fault, they come and go from the inner faculty situated near the heart, which is the instrument of Shaytanic whispers. What you need to do is completely ignore it as though you are not affected by them; be strong and do not fear them.

As stated by the psychologists:“Although opposition is the cause of distance in the outer world, it is the cause of proximity in the imagination.” Therefore, if the attack of Shaytan hurts one excessively, then immediately turn to Allah (swt) and seek His protection.

Trust Allah (swt), and things will definitely change for the better.

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