‘Be!’ And It Is!

With the second wave of the pandemic making its rounds all over the world, we get to hear about the virus getting mutated this time. Scientifically speaking, mutation, is a so-called ‘error,’ when the DNA replicates itself during the process of reproduction.

A study conducted in 2017 claimed that 66% of cancer-causing mutations are random, that is, the error during replication of DNA just occurs on its own; there is no specific reason for it (while 29% are due to the environment, and 5% are inherited). That is, these DNA are bound to cause error when replicating, and these too have no specific reason for it.

Mutated cells could be beneficial or harmful, most often the cancerous cells are mutated. Sickle-cell disease is a harmful inherited mutation, but it has a positive effect in an environment where Malaria is common.

The inhabitants of Sub-Saharan Africa have a greater survival rate when infected with Malaria due to this reason. Similarly, even bacteria mutate and develop resistance to antibiotics, causing difficulty to the infected humans.

These minute changes happening in a cell, which is invisible to the naked eyes, is not just any random process, or a replication error. Although, there is a natural and necessary relationship between the cause of any process, and its resultant effect, we cannot limit ourselves to the scientific analysis and observations alone.

By doing this, we are restricting our view to the material perception of objects and events, and this view implies that we move on to denial of everything else save matter. With this, one either tends to deny or discount the existence of the Creator.

Very often, those who prefer, and uphold the scientific study above the divine intervention, devote all their energies in discovering the necessary relationship  between the cause and its effect, or the common source of diverse natural phenomenon, with a view to command these forces of nature.

Unfortunately, this dominating quest to capture matter makes them slaves to the material world. Matter then, becomes the Alpha and Omega to them, and everything else, including consciousness, mind and intellect becomes the product of matter – a mere reflection of the external material world.

When their wish is granted, and they gain control over some of the forces of nature, they use this power to fulfil their selfish goals, they behave as demigods, claiming lordship over the life and property of others, either in the name of their society, or their nation, or wider still, as sympathisers of the world.

Nothing stops them from inflicting the most horrible tortures on their fellow humans, especially those whom they label to be tyrants, just because they opposed the cherished social and political views upheld by the demigods.

Can these demigods, then, cause the sun to rise from the West? Can they make the planetary systems to change their positions? Or, on a much lower level, evade their death?

What is it, that prevents them, and those who follow on their footsteps, to acknowledge that every physical phenomenon, event, and incident depends wholly on the Will and pleasure of God, Who brings into existence whatever He wills, from a non-existent matter, with or without primordial cause.

He creates conditions for the action of the cause, and the resulting effect is only by His will. He is the Supreme Cause – the Cause of all causes. No material object can claim freedom of action, nor cast off its shackles, from the Will of God, because He is the One who has given them those properties which react under certain conditions, and those conditions, too, are set by God.

Recognising these signs of nature, and submitting completely to this imperceptible truth, shapes the human conduct and determines the destiny of nations.

The operative forces of faith in one true God, righteous actions, ethical conduct, justice, equity, mercy, love, and the unflinching submission to God, all put together can fight against the dark forces, represented as atheism, cruelty, selfishness, sinfulness, and sabotage.

Any human being making himself upright by following the spiritual  and moral norms, shall find the divine help assisting him in achieving his objectives, even the physical laws of causation shall be made subservient to his purpose, if God wills, because when He intends a thing, He says to it “Be!” and it is.

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