A Clumsy Old Botcher

The sudden appearance of a problem of global nature, a product of this our modern age (of tall talk, taller claims, but meager deliverance), a life-threatening device, not a direct industrial product, but quite closely related to it, needs attention. It is spreading rapidly. It affects people of all classes, young and old, religious and irreligious, of the West and the East, especially Muslims who missed education.

At this given hour, it threatens the individual. His manliness, his masculinity, his vitality are at stake. He needs medicines to perform functions that nature had taken care to bestow upon everyone in generous measure. But modern man has created a crisis in this sector also, and the problem demands attention. His ability to leave behind progeny is at risk. “Life” faces a crisis. The pervasiveness of the problem forces us write these lines. From what we come to know, it appears we are already late.

This latest deviancy threatens life itself; not the life of a few individuals, but that of the human race. To elaborate: in the Western world – the birth place of this curse – the family (consisting of parents and grandchildren) was sacrificed for the sake of material progress. With further progress (a term fast becoming a byword for a can of rotten sardines), children had to go: from two to one, to none. Consequently, the spouse has been declared an inessential item. Finally, it is the turn of the individual himself. He is being neutralized. His procreational power, and the ability for the most joyful function, is being progressively impaired. Through him nations are being commandeered on to the path of self annihilation.

Life is the most mysterious and the most precious phenomenon of creation. Scientists believe that the physical conditions of the world suggest that perhaps it was created for the appearance, survival, and propagation of life; otherwise it is hard to assign it – our this-day’s unlovable world – a purpose. To propagate itself, life uses life organisms themselves. They are programmed to reproduce. The study of a female’s physical structure and functioning suggests that it seems to have been made for no other function but procreation.

The mechanism of life’s propagation is through libidinous activities. Even bacteria seek partners and exchange DNA. To everyone’s observation, propagational activity is a male’s most powerful drive. From quite early in his life, he readily responds to any call, at any time of the day or night. He will sacrifice anything for this biological duty, risking his life, honor and a good part of material possessions. A mere curve can transport his imagination away from whatever he is engaged in, to what the “life-force” demands.

It is the main operative tool for what is referred to as the life-force. Not surprising then that the opportunist evil elements should exploit this weakness to achieve their objectives. From food to medicine to sports to wristwatches, everything, saleable or non-saleable, is marketed with the help of provocative illustrations. If we say that the entire business – of design, manufacture and marketing of every kind of product – uses seductive methods for its success, then we would have stated the obvious.

Greek erotic plays, the Jahiliyy Arab poetry, or the Indus valley civilization had it in small measures. The sensual French and English novels of the Renaissance, gave it a push, yet it remained at low levels. But with the photographic possibilities of the 20th century, and now what pervades the internet, the proliferation is growing in leaps and bounds. The Net offers what would put animals to shame. There are tens of thousands of sites that promise to pervert the most conservative individuals and societies.

Its advertisement, in the most open form, comes to the people through the Net without their request. While the eyes are intently focused on the screen, and the mind is deeply engrossed in thought, a sudden flash startles the person. It is an image that has popped up at one side. It surprises the victim and diverts his attention. It is an ill-clad Western woman. It is impossible not to be non-plussed by the flash or to take the eyes off. The first picture is powerfully alluring. Once led into it, people are lost for hours, some for their lives. With prolonged exposure, the pictorial replaces the real.

The energy spent while watching the pictorial impairs the zeal for the real. Men of all ages fall victim. They fail to realize that their masculinity is being gradually liquidated. Western man has gone from perversion to perversion, weakness to weakness. The count has declined and fertility is slumping. Frequent exposure to these passionarousing illustrations is the prime cause.

A reasonable person should ask himself: to what end? What do I get out of it? It kindles the passions without offering anything by way of fulfillment of the desires provoked to their peak. It pervades the mind, occupies the soul and agitates the hormonal activities. It leads to sleeplessness at night and listlessness in the morning. While healthy habits reward one with a fresh morning, the vile viewing rewards with a tired body and a tense mind.

Produced by the Westerners, it has so completely perverted their morals as to make them worse than animals in this regard. A judge was recently charged for intentional obscene display of his organ – twice, right in the court. Another man has been charged with the same obscene display before a ten year old girl. A few weeks ago, a powerful TV evangelist, belonging to a 30-million strong church, married with children, disgraced himself and his church. Net was the starting point. The sites lead to ads by homos. You pay, you get visits, nobody knows, nobody suspects. That’s what the Evangelist thought. But this one came to know of the pretensions of his client and the condemnation of the spiritual leader of his honest profession from the pulpit. He revealed, resulting in another “Death of a Salesman.”

How many women are not reduced to tears before the doctors, who suffer injuries they cannot speak of, and undergo psychological trauma because of the perversions practiced on them under the influence of this latest foul art? Diseases follow, infections spread, and joyous encounters turn into horrendous experiences. But these are a small part of the perversion that has invaded homes, offices, beaches, luxury boats, and every other place. The end result is growing impotency. When the time comes, the actor fails. The Devil laughs. He provokes the humans, using their most powerful instinct, and draws the satisfaction of ruining their joyous moments.

The question that a sensible man should therefore ask is: to what end? Do you score anything but perversion? Does it not lead to failure at the crucial moment? Is it not a successful way of taking away the joy out of one of the most pleasant activities of life? This is the paramount physical pleasure that makes the most miserable individual forget all else, even his own soul, for no short while, if nature is allowed to have its way. It is Allah’s great blessing to man. It satisfiesthe soul, offers sweet sleep and turns a man fresh and dynamic for the activities of the next day. But perversions, unnatural demands, and bestial exposures lead to dissatisfaction of both the partners, piloting them to an unhealthy, hungry, dissatisfied state of mind and soul. Not long ago, burqah-clad women could entice men to fall in love with the mere exposure of their hands. It took years before the bashful ones allowed an excited husband survey her, discover her. Today, she is left with nothing to offer as the Net has left nothing to expose, nothing to excite, nothing to entice.

There are three elements that people are unable to distinguish and understand their interplay: First: Energy. This is created from a certain age onward, stored, and excesses removed. Two: Desire. This demands expenditure of the energy. And third: Potency. This is the ability or capacity to achieve a defined result. In childhood all the three are missing. At puberty, the energy is made but the potency and desire are at low levels. Within a few years the potency goes up, but desire still remains at low level. A couple of years later all the three are at peak. As years advance, beyond forty, the energy level begins to fall, as also its quality and count; but the desire and potency levels remain high enough. They do not decline. With old age, the output suffers steep decline; the decline in potency is not so sharp; but, the desire remains as high and demanding. Deep in old age, the energy and potency both disappear, but – strangely – the desire remains – until death, even if the man dies a centenarian.

But what happens when one falls victim to this Devilish snare? The energy and the desire remain at high levels during the peak years. This is expected and is normal. But the potency declines. The deeper in the snare, the deeper the decline. He needs illustrations to provoke himself for the expected action. But the mechanism fails. His muscles refuse to act. He is put to shame and disappointment spreads. In the West, studs are hired – when husband is at work – to do a better job. Malcolm X gives us a glimpse of the weak men seeking weird assistance of others brought in merely to watch for the pair’s stimulation.

To sum up, this phenomenon threatens the quality of life. Constant visual exposure increases the demand, but decreases the performance. In the West it has already reduced millions to helpless victims. They have the energy and the desire, because they are still in their prime; but the steeply decimated potency creates a wide gulf between the desire and the achievement. They try perversions. This explains the appearance of homos, pedophiles, and all other kinds of perverts. It explains the Abu Ghurayb abuses. Give him the Defense Secretary’s nod, and watch the barbarian become himself.

Muslim youth should beware. This is no pleasurable pastime. It is hermaphroditic pills. Life is only once. In the best conditions it does not offer much joy. If you take the juice out of sugar cane, what remains is husk. Don’t become a tonic bottle with an expired date. Don’t be a steely looking robust young hero, for all appearances, but a clumsy old botcher when the test comes. Be on the watch, not to go the way the Greeks, Romans, and the people under the Dead Sea went.

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