On Atheism

To attribute authorship of the Qur’an to Muhammad’s (peace on him), is to demonstrate one’s stupidity – in addition to fanaticism, writes SYED IQBAL ZAHEER.


To be an atheist, one has to sacrifice his intellect. Recent translators of the Qur’an (for example, A J Arberry, Professor at Cambridge University) states, in the preface, that “the Qur’an is inimitable.”

Now, that is a big thing to say, especially by a man of such caliber as Arberry who had worked in Cairo (Egypt) as head of the classics department and then as head of the Arabic department at Cambridge University for several decades.

Not he alone, but a whole lot of the well-educated, illustrious Western scholars have been airing similar opinions.

The Prophet made stinging remarks about the Jews, angering them. Already elites, they were hoping to emerge political leaders in the Arab Peninsula.

A 100,000 souls were dead opposed to the Qur’an and were ready to defeat the “producer of the Qur’an” in the battle-field. But in one’s, two’s and three’s the Qur’an broke their will. Many devoted their lives in its service after converting to Islam.

If a thing is possible for one, it is possible for another. If it is not achieved in one generation, another generation will do it. If it is not possible in one year, it is possible in a 100. But after 1500 years, if you hear unbelieving scholars agreeing to say that “the Qur’an is inimitable” then it is hard to hear, understand, but oppose.

Therefore, why should one feel hurt, if he is called an incurable fanatic?

To attribute authorship of the Qur’an to Muhammad’s (peace on him), is to demonstrate one’s stupidity – in addition to fanaticism. To marry a second woman, you do it when you are in 20-30 of your age, not between 40 and 60. But why, when you can’t feed them so that they surround him demanding to be fed their daily bread, and, instead of feeding them, he threatens to send them to their parental homes – divorced – with gifts! But if unanimously they say no to any such idea, then, should not the stupid fanatic consult a psychologist?

For those who have gone beyond the first degree in college, a major problem accompanies for assuming that the Prophet was its author.

But we shall deal with this subject in a coming issue of this magazine, Allah willing.

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