A Pathetic State of Existence

While the moral condition – and, thereby, the socio-economic condition – deteriorates by the day all over the globe, the East looks relatively more stable than the Western world, which, as is said in common parlance, is all but going to the dogs.


tarting 9/11, an event more and more Americans suspect was a home-enacted ghastly drama, life on the planet is turning anarchic at an alarming rate. As the public sensitivities get blunted to higher and higher degrees, especially in the West, apathy to zombie style occurrences and events get more and more scary, and a sense of resignation seems to settle down, leading to the implosion of individual personalities. Although the worsening situation seems to be getting worse all over the globe, today, the East sounds more stable, than the West, which, as they say in common language, seems to be going to dogs.

Is this anti-West, anti-American rant? Well, read what a (presumably American commentator has to say about the present situation in USA:

“Watching the bizarre spectacle of the State of the Onion was difficult. I changed the word union because America is better described as an onion, a vegetable which brings tears to your eyes and has many layers all of which bring tears. As you peel layer after layer off America you don’t strike gold but dross and death. Yeah, that’s something they are good at: killing largely defenseless people and destroying their infrastructure.”

Those interested may read more of such love letters at: www.dangerouscreation.com/]; or any site where intellectuals hub together.

All decency in public and private life, in business and politics, in arts and culture, in war and peace, in religion and literature, seems to have been packed in an urn and sunk in the deep sea of shamelessness. From priest to atheist, from the professor to the bootlegger, from criminals to dignitaries, all seem to be in a free fall. Talk of principles, honor, self-respect? Blah! “Talk of money. Talk of sex. Talk of stone-age in the M.E.”, and now you sound interesting.

Talk of 55,000 photographs of 11,000 estimated Muslims starved to skeletons, and killed without a bullet fired, in the prisons of the butchers ruling Syria, and it doesn’t ruffle anyone’s hair in the diplomatic, organizational and charitable circles of the West. Talk of a man beaten in Kiev, Ukraine, and their earlobes stand upright, like those of a rabbit trying to pick the noise of a creeping predator. Read on a report:

“The bloodied appearance of a badly maimed opposition protester on Ukraine television has sent shock waves through the international diplomatic community. At issue was the high visibility case of badly injured Dmytro Bulatov, an activist who said that his captors kept him in a dark room and partly cut off his ear. ‘I am particularly appalled by the cruel treatment and torture of Dmytro Bulatov and reports that there are attempts to arrest him from his hospital bed,’ said one politician. ‘This is completely unacceptable and must stop immediately.’”

How sickening the reaction! The naked bodies of thousands of Muslims in Syria carried by the media during these very days, of skeletons with twisted faces, huge marks of axes rained on them, bodies gored deep with steel instruments, all so harrowing that the scene can turn the devils away in disgust; but, for whom do the Western leaders shed their bucket of tears: it is for some(one) injured during clashes in Ukraine.

The media sunk down the news of 55,000 photos with news widely discussing stories of the North Korean concentration camps. How many could be there in those camps exactly? Perhaps a couple of hundreds. The inmates suffer a variety of punishments for whatever the state says is a crime. But what about the 11,000 tortured to death by the Syrian soldiers in prison, whose guards accept chocolates from a woman, and hand over her son’s corpse to her, while chewing the gifted chocolates? And they laugh. And the Western media laughs.

But the Western politician does not laugh. He is crying, albeit for a different reason. He moans:

“The international community must act on evidence that crimes against humanity are being committed in North Korea, says a long-awaited UN report. A panel of experts mandated by the UN’s Human Rights Council said North Koreans had suffered ‘unspeakable atrocities,’ and that those responsible, including leader, Kim Jong-un, must face justice. Michael Kirby, chairman of the independent Commission of Inquiry, said the report ‘calls for attention from the international community.”’

So, holding a couple of hundreds in concentration camps is a “crime against humanity.” But torture-killing tens of thousands in prisons is not a “crime against humanity.” The leader of the regime in North Korea registers a crime for imprisoning and torturing a couple of hundreds of detainees in the concentration camps and so, “must face justice,” but the leader of the regime in Syria, who, even as the bucket-full of tears are shed, holds tens of thousands of Muslims in detention centers, from which only the dead can escape out, “may not face justice.” Many wonder, is the beastly regime in Syria more rotten at the core, or the free, democratic, developed regimes of the advanced nations?

Although the West’s incurable hatred of Islam and Muslims, which can be traced back to 1500 years ago, is not news to us, yet, until it happened, we would never believe that the champions of human rights, free will, participation of the masses in political processes, would stoop so low – lower than the beastly regime – is an alarming phenomenon to us.

Even as the tiny minority (of the Nusayris) promoted to power and preferred over the 95% Sunnis, by the British, back in the course of its mandatory role in Syria during the last century, which happens to be the seed of the tree of immense suffering at the hands of this tiny minority, is paying its dividends, haven’t the values and principles of civilized life developed a little after they left the Middle-east, taken any root in Britain and rest of the West?

The answer is a straight no. The high sounding slogans about democracy, will of the people, rights of the individual, and the rest of it all, is, in truth, garbage. A single injured Kiev man on the TV, a few stories of malnourished former detainees of detention centers in North Korea, deserve international attention, but the 55,000 genuine photos of corpses with torture marks all over their bodies, calls for no international attention.

What can then be the consequences of such grotesque mentality, such outrageous policies, such deep-rooted hatred regarding those who “differ from them” but to give birth in their own masses, psychological sicknesses of newest kinds, with little hope of cure during their life-times? Reports, for example, released by several organizations in the USA had predicted a steep rise in mental and social disorders resulting from climate change-related events in the coming years, including depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, suicide and widespread outbreaks of violence. Has the prediction come true? Yes indeed, true to every punctuation of the predictions. But if millions of American should suffer emotional fallout, and mental abnormalities in consequence of mere climate-related happenings, and the new generation of Americans are so easily susceptible to psychological disorders, then, could they fall victim to psychological and psychiatric disorders owing to their apathy to the sufferings of their own kind – but in other lands?

Referring to the natural disasters in USA, a report says, “The scientific data show that what lies ahead will be bigger, more frequent, and more extreme than we have ever known.” If natural disasters can lead to such consequences, then, what about those sufferings which are the result of their policies put into place decades ago, and their present lack of concern to immense sufferings of tens of thousands, either at their hands, or at the hands of their proxies?

Said a spokesperson of the institutions that conducted the survey: “Many people will experience an inordinate risk and their minds will be changed because of it.” Will not what is predicted with reference to natural calamities, come true with reference to the attitude of the people towards victims of unspeakable suffering?

Observe how sensibilities are blunted. Says a recent report, “The UN has denounced the Vatican for ‘systematically’ adopting policies allowing priests to sexually abuse thousands of children.” The UN watchdog for children’s rights said the Holy See must “immediately remove” all clergy who are known or suspected child-abusers. It heavily criticized the Vatican’s attitudes towards homosexuality, contraception and abortion. But what is the reaction? It is sweet smiles by the clergy. This report tell us but that when you commit crimes against humanity, either openly, or from behind the scenes, and take satisfaction in your achievements, then, you too can commit, and then become immune to crimes amongst yourselves, crimes as odious as sexual abuse of thousands of angelic children, by those very people who promise to take them to Paradise.

One may read on, keep watching and hearing appalling news one after another: E.g.,

“More than 1,200 people are under investigation for a US military recruitment fraud during the Iraq war, officials say. Two generals and dozens of colonels are implicated in the alleged scheme, in which referral fees were illegally collected for recruiting soldiers. The fraud is said to have cost the US government at least $29m.”

Said a spokesman:

“We’re talking about one of the largest criminal investigations in the history of the Army. High school principals and guidance counselors were said to have accepted money for recruiting students who they knew were already planning to join the US military.”

Claire McCaskill told USA Today, “This is discouraging and depressing,” she added. “[It] is just a mess from top to bottom.”

Read on:

“Eight people, including three diplomats, are facing charges in Greece in connection with an alleged fraud involving an anti-landmine charity. The former head of the unnamed charity and his wife are among those involved in the long-running inquiry which relate to 9m Euros ($12m; £7m) given to the NGO between 2000 and 2004 by the Greek foreign ministry.”

Here is another report,

“According to the EU’s Home Affairs Commissioner, corruption in EU costs ‘120bn Euros’ and warns of staggering levels of corruption in member countries.”

Here is another charmer: “EU rate-rigging are ‘appalling examples of misconduct.’” The Commission vice-president, Joaquin Almunia, said, “It was shocking that banks supposed to be in competition were colluding with each other.”

Such are institutional criminal records. Look up for the conduct at high places:

“Spain’s Princess Cristina is being questioned in court in connection with a corruption scandal involving the business dealings of her husband. It is the first time in history that a member of Spain’s royal family has appeared in court as the subject of a criminal investigation. Her husband, Inaki Urdangarin, is alleged to have defrauded regional governments of millions of Euros of public money.”

It says, “It is the first time in history…” But will it be the last time? Will this humble beginning have an end?

Such are the news at the corporate and group level. Watching the news at the individual level has the function of depressing you further. Here is just one, “Woman posts photo of her breastfeeding dog.” She claims it was to save the life of her pup. She said that:

“…the little fella, named Tubbs, wouldn’t eat from a bottle or take K-9 formula. He just wasn’t taking it. I didn’t know what else to do, I was desperate and I just couldn’t bear sitting there watching it die. Literally what clicked in my head was like, ‘put him on you, just pray to God he will take something and not die.’”

Her breast swells in sympathy of a pup, who could be fed in ten other ways, but, with the sympathy lost over dogs, the Western public is left with no sympathy for a million Muslims forced out of Syria because their government has flattened entire towns.

55,000 photos of estimated 11,000 men, starved, stabbed, speared and gored, would have provoked hue and cry for months and years in media and general public. Whisper the words, “These are Muslims,” and hear them say, “How sad,” and change the conversation.

Yes, sad. How sad, that the blind international communities open the doors for other similar catastrophes.

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