Life after the Pandemic

Since over a year, a variety of thinkers, economic specialists, bloggers, and a dozen other experts and non-experts have predicted that life on earth is going to change drastically in the coming years. It would never be the same even after the pandemic is gone.

The corporate-owners will amass wealth, the poor will become poorer and the middle-class will be facing extinction. Many governments will borrow, as many others will draw from their national savings to meet with its expenses.

Unemployment will rise heavily, both among the educated as well as the uneducated class as well as the labour. Inflation will run high. Commodities could disappear from the markets.

These economies include UK, US, China, France, Japan, Germany and Spain. This is a direct outcome of the changes in labour force equations caused by the pandemic, the research says.

In view of the above predictions, it can also be predicted, they say, that many countries will face strikes, demonstrations, and other forms of protest. As a result, many governments will fall, and the countries will undergo changes in foreign policies.

Life then, they predict, would never be the same.

Whatever they have predicted, some of which have come true, what was overseen was something more serious. It is loss of confidence: of several kinds. People no longer believe in the claims by the governments. They do not trust the ministers. About politicians they have no two opinions. They are all liars.

Today, doubts prevail over every governmental undertaking.

Consider the following taken out from blogs:

  • What’s not being said about the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine.
  • ‘Human Guinea Pigs’?
  • Twenty Reasons Mandatory Face-Masks are Unsafe, Ineffective and Immoral.
  • German Court Rules that COVID-19 Lockdowns are Unconstitutional.
  • Medical Doctor Warns that ‘Bacterial Pneumonias are on the Rise’ from Mask-Wearing.
  • ICU Nurse Whistle-blower: Hospitals Running below Capacity, Performing ‘Pandemic Theatre’
  • The Coronavirus Vaccine: The Real Danger is ‘Agenda ID2020’


These dominate even intellectual sites.

All of them cast doubts and aspersions on governmental, global services.

It does not appear that the confidence will be regained soon.

That will be a tragedy and will play its part in all political activities.

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