The Liberator and the Liberated

The liberator has arrived. Earlier he liberated Afghanistan. It was a necessary step. The only ones in the Islamic world who could oppose liberation of Muslim lands were those dangerous terrorists who lived in caves. They were the ones who brought down the two towers. Hosni Mubarak – considered to be their man – is reported to have said, “I am a trained pilot. And I can tell you that the twin tower operation wouldn’t have been possible without technical support from the ground.” So, you see, how powerful the terrorists were!? They had probably penetrated the American air bases. Therefore, they had to be finished: first in Afghanistan and then in the Arab states. Faithful servants of the liberator were given the signal and they locked up their own terrorists. The time for liberating Iraq had come close. It had taken 13 long years to prepare, the blue prints for which laid down back in 1967.

The liberator is now liberating Iraq. He will liberate its oil fields and place them in trusted hands. That might require dividing Iraq into three administrative zones. If they become independent states, then, that will be by accident. You can rest assured it is not planned. Like the operation. It was never planned. It was not the liberator who had lured Iraq into Kuwait for the liberator to first liberate Kuwait. After the liberation, old files were dug up. It was found that Iraq had used chemical weapons against its own people. But not all the files were dug up because of haste. One of them said that the USA had supplied those weapons; and incidentally that afforded the opportunity to try those biological weapons on human beings. But of course, such supply was accidental, and such objectives were incidental. The important thing was that Iraq used them. So, Iraq had to be besieged. Iraq had dangerous weapons.

During the last liberation the liberator used depleted Uranium bombs, a mere 400 tons. He was forced to do it. For Iraq had begun to pull out of Kuwait. The retreating army – some 250,000 civil and military men – could not be allowed to go back home for a night’s rest. They disappeared. Those who shot at them from the rear were brave men. Without such show of chivalry medals could not be distributed. By the way, the story of 8000 Iraqis besieged from all sides and buried alive with bulldozers is only an Internet version. What about depleted Uranium bombs? Yes, what about them? Why do you only read Uranium, Uranium, Uranium? Why can’t you read depleted, depleted, depleted? And if 500,000 deformed children were born, then, what about it? Iraq was responsible for it. It had used chemical weapons on its own people hadn’t it? See! Saddam killed 5000 people with the biological weapons we are talking of. If not for our criticism, he could have gone on killing more, maybe 50,000: ruthless that he is. If that does not compare well with a million Iraqi children dead and another half a million maimed, well, whose fault? The liberator’s? Or that of the most dangerous man of the century?

So, Iraq had chemical weapons. Chemical weapons. Chemical weapons. Chemical weapons. It had to be besieged. That was done for thirteen years. But its war machine had to be destroyed too. So, for thirteen years it was also bombed. Iraq had the most powerful army in the Middle East. And the most dangerous one too. So, the country was bombed relentlessly. And it was getting easier: there was no challenge from the ground. Iraq had virtually no air force, not a single combat aircraft. But, the ground army was the truly dangerous thing. Only bombs could destroy them. Children begged for milk. No milk to these future soldiers. Women washed in the rivers. No water for those who give birth to the tyrants. For thirteen years the bombs accidentally fell on water tanks, chemical plants, power houses, factories and food stocks. When you bomb you can’t whisper to the bombs where they should choose to land.

Then there were the indefatigable UN inspectors. They worked day and night for several years. Any chemical weapons? None. Iraq had hidden them. What about those dangerous scientists whom Iraq was giving refuge? They knew all about biological weapons. They must be handed over. And what about those missiles that could deliver chemical warheads? With a dangerous range of 175 km., they were a threat to the British and Americans. So Iraq destroyed them, for it faced imminent invasion if it refused. Meanwhile, the inspections continued. It was only incidental that they were collecting data of the war machinery that Iraq had. The liberator would need the data. Those inspectors were free to visit any place in Iraq, any stock yard, any industry, any factory. A complete inventory of Iraq’s weaponry was thus prepared. And they noted the locations too. It was incidental that the American and British were bombing chosen Iraqi sites. Did that have anything to do with the inspectors? Of course not.

The government in Iraq had done nothing for 13 years to improve the condition of its people. It made a show of working day and night to make food reach every Iraqi. They said, “We will let no Iraqi die of hunger.” But, that was sheer hypocrisy. Hadn’t they killed their own people earlier? As for the reconstruction efforts, they were for show. The dangerous thing about it was that the leadership was winning back popularity. Devil take him! What would happen if the man had some true power? Already so diabolical! So, the time was close for further action: UN or no UN. The rest of the world was on the other side. That was unfortunate. But what about the thirteen years of preparations?

Meanwhile, the situation at the civil front was getting worse. Food and medicine blockage was taking its toll. The Muslim states, organizations, scholars and common people, knew nothing and wished to know nothing. Enough if they had their chicken in the evening and a film at night. They were liberated last century! What about the religious class? Well, for this class, so far as the Iraqis were concerned, they should show patience. Allah is with the patient. The hadith literature didn’t say anything about the starvation in Makkah. It didn’t say anything about the Prophet sending food to those who had tried to assassinate him and had forced him to flee. The hadith literature doesn’t say such things. Religion is not about politics you know. It is about Prayers, and supplications, and admonition. It speaks of how to raise your finger during the Prayers. It tells you that you must re-convert those who do not recite Surah al-Fatihah, and save them from Hellfire. As for Iraq’s hungry: “And when it was said to them: ‘Spend out of what Allah has given you,’ said those who had disbelieved to the believers, ‘Should we feed him whom Allah could have fed if He willed? Surely, you are in a clear error.’” (Yasin, 47)

Finally, after thirteen years of starvation, while the “brothers in faith” ate their chicken, the Iraqis were crumbling and the brave liberator was ready for the next step. The Palestinian problem was there to solve. If you didn’t liberate Iraq, the most dangerous nation, the Palestinians will never accept to be maids, house servants, gardeners and garbage cleaners in Jewish homes. They are too fanatical to see that either they must leave so that Asian expatriates can be brought in, or must chose to be expelled. It is they who say they can’t live there. So, why stay? But go where? Well, the ground had to be prepared and so Iraq had to be liberated. That, if successful, will open opportunities for further liberation.

Once the liberation is accomplished, the liberator will have to be generous with the poor Kurds rejoicing in their new Kurdistan. They can’t pay the cost of war. So? Alright, the situation calls for sacrifice on the part of the liberator. He will accept oil supply for next 100 years at $8 per barrel. Oh yes, he realizes that he has to wait that long to get back the one trillion he spent on liberating them. But in supreme magnanimity, he will do it. Moreover, this kind of deal is nothing new. Haven’t other oil states signed such a deal with the liberator?

At the time of this writing the liberator is sending 300 bombers at a time. Let’s say twice a day. That makes it 600. Let us say each one of them drops 10 bombs. That’s 6000. Every bomb is about a ton. Let us say only one Iraqi civilian dies from each bomb. That is 6000 Iraqis dead everyday. Can you see now what a terrible price the Iraqi leadership makes its own citizens pay? Shouldn’t such leadership be removed?

“People of Iraq, your liberators have come with a white flag. (The gun slung back is only for terrorists). You are hungry. Your children are sick. Your mothers are skeletons. Do you see what the tyrant has done to you? Now here is food. Be brave, throw away your rusted pistols. Raise the white flag with one hand and receive the food with the other. Look hard at our friendly faces. We are here to liberate you.”

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