Skulls and Bones Beneath the Grass

On direct economic front, the trillion dollar bail-out in the US has failed. It could not kick-start the economy, but the debt doubled. Wages are falling, tax revenues are declining, industries are shuttering down, and business is in jeopardy.

Humanity is truly passing through extraordinary times. This last month the world stocks lost 2.5 trillion dollars within 24 hours: a record of its own kind. Two empires are on the brink of economic collapse: the American and the European. Only a miracle can straighten up things for them. One is sunk in a debt which their great-grand-children cannot repay. The other is facing not merely debt problems, but also massive unemployment. Both have no viable solutions for their problems. The rhetoric, “We are a great nation,” and, “God is on our side,” has its end in sight.

The present financial crisis might be news for the common folk; but not for those who have known that the decline had begun in 1970s. It bettered in 80s but again began to sink. The decline continues down to this day. For the Europeans, there was some hope in getting together, under, more or less one government with one economic policy – a sort of oligarchic empire. EU was created primarily to stabilize the economy, and stand up to USA or Russia, if necessary. But the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain – the title given by the angry Western media) are dragging down the EU into an abyss.

To get out of the abyss, the US chose other options. One was, grab the savings of the Arabs. But how could that be done? Iraq was invited into Kuwait, as a solution for a quarrel between them over war funds by latter to former. Iraq was led to believe that the West will do nothing about the invasion. But, as soon as the Iraqis set foot into Kuwait, war was declared against it. Other states of the region were asked to pay for the war costs. The shark gulped away 20-30 years of savings.

Next, an attack on the twin towers was organized. Today, after ten years, 1300 construction engineers, structural experts, and scientists (some with three PhDs) – from USA, but also some from all over the world – have gathered under one organization demanding an independent inquiry. They declare in categorical terms that neither the twin towers, nor, specifically, the 47-storey building 7 – built to last – could have been brought down by fire. In their careers they have raised hundreds of tall buildings all over the globe, designed to withstand the fury of fire, storms, tsunamis, or earthquakes. And no building has ever collapsed anywhere in the world, in the fashion the twin towers and building 7 did. They have no doubt about it that controlled demolition was responsible for their collapse. But, for the first time in this scientific and democratic age, the voice of science is being suppressed and that of the politicians remains supreme. They shrug their shoulders and declare that any independent enquiry is out of question. For the first time in the history of the West, freedom of information is denied to its most learned.

But why is it that the American public is not with the scientists and engineers in their demand to know the truth? Is it because of ignorance? To some extent, yes. But, it seems more likely that the public does not wish the truth to come out for fear of losing the position of pride among the nations of the world, and, secondly, at heart it is with its government’s invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya. It is only cost that worries it.

The attack on the twin towers gave the pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. The latter’s oil wealth is quite well-known. But not many know that its proven oil reserves in its central region (discovered during Saddam’s rule, but not exploited yet) has the richest and the most refined crude oil reserves compared to any other known wells anywhere else. As for Afghanistan, it has so much of untapped oil and mineral resources, that if they are exploited, they can make Afghanistan the richest of nations across Asia. This is the reason why the West announces that its forces will remain in Iraq and Afghanistan for next 40 years.

Now it is Libya. Rebels trained over 20 years landed on its shores, and Libya’s 23 billion reserves will be wiped out of the account books on the pretext of help to the rebels. Very soon newly planted men forming a new government, will be signing agreements with USA and West, to exploit its oil reserves, and pay for war costs over next 30-40 years.

All this was organized in the hope of averting the economic crisis that loomed large two decades ago, and now threatens the West’s foundations. But, did they achieve what they had planned? Not really. The crisis was merely postponed by a decade. But the prospects of a fall remain. The US has developed into not a technological master, but a military monster. It can kill, and will continue to kill. But, the more violent it gets, the more of a burden its military becomes on its economy. Already, millions of dollars are spent on each drone, to kill a supposedly single Taliban.

So, what does the future hold? That is almost impossible to predict. This is because the factors involved are too many. Allah’s Hand through nature has been playing its debilitating role. Hundreds of storms this year have laid waste large areas of the US destroying fishing industries, poultry farms, and cattle breeding centers. Texas has suffered a drought of such magnitude that was not experienced for a hundred years. A lake, several miles long, has dried up and not a drop is left. It is said that this itself is an ecological disaster. Losses have run into billions of dollars, and the prediction is that the state will take several years to recover.

On direct economic front, the trillion dollar bail-out has failed. It could not kick-start the economy, but the debt doubled. Wages are falling, tax revenues are declining, industries are shuttering down, and business is in jeopardy.

So, what’s the solution? According to the famed American financial expert Gerald Celente, whose previous financial predictions have amazingly come true, another terrorist attack – of the 9/11 scale – is likely to be organized in one of the major NATO nations. It will help create global panic, and declare economic martial law. It will also help suspend civil rights, and install totalitarian regimes in Europe and America. There is no other way but through draconic measures that the masses can be kept under control, when the economic measures so far adopted completely fail.

Such a terrorist attack will help sink the clamor that is being made for an independent inquiry into 9/11 attack. In the face of a new crisis, the old one is forgotten. The panicky situation will also be useful for bringing down the dollar value. This could be one of the ways of reducing foreign debt. For example, if the dollar value is halved, the Chinese debt of 1.3 trillion will be halved in real terms. The dollar fall would favor American exports, but life-standards will take a plunge and increase poverty within the country.

From the fear that the masses could rise in revolt, “Fusion Centers and FEMA detention camps are already operational, and 20,000 US troops have been trained to deal specifically with economic collapse and civil unrest, and are ready to be deployed immediately” (Mac Slavo).

Another possible scenario is that men of Chinese origin are blamed for the major terrorist attack that would be organized. It will be followed by a lightning attack on Chinese Industrial Complex. Several bases in Afghanistan and Aircraft Carriers at close quarters would come handy in organizing the attack. Now, since China is a nuclear power with ability to deliver, a full-fledged war may not be declared. With the first warning from China, immediate ceasefire will be unilaterally declared. But a lightning strike at night could destroy part of China’s infrastructure, and, place China among enemy states, denying it the repayment of debts to it.

Another way to distract the masses would be to blame Iran for involvement in the said terrorist attack, and invade that country. Invasion of Arab oil producing countries and seizure of the oil wells, on the pretext of insecure oil supplies after a few explosions in their lands, would be another option.

Another factor is the hidden hand of the Jews. Quietly shifting their investments from out of USA (to China, apart from other places), what have they decided about USA? America can take no decision that will in any way jeopardize Israel. How much the country’s financial decisions are bound with Jewish decisions can be gauged from the statement that slipped out of Rick Perry, the Texas Governor who has entered the presidential race. He said about the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (who is Jewish), “If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treasonous in my opinion.” (Perry might say that he did not mean to be anti-Semite, but the hint is there).

In short, the situation is grim and could turn really bad for the inhabitants of the globe, because, every action will have an unpredictable chain of reactions. The US is a huge country with a huge economy. Any instability there will have tsunami effect in every direction, affecting the closest devastatingly, while not sparing the farthest.

We have to, therefore, wait and see: “Say, ‘if you are waiting, then, we are also waiting,'” (The Qur’an, 9: 52). The economic troubles apart (that their wise men are saying could tear the countries apart), we have here, in the sands and on the mountains, in towns and villages, in fields and forests, the blood of millions of innocent souls shed after the Second World War, the skulls and bones beneath the grass, the cries of women and children arising from under every olive tree, demanding revenge and retribution: “Soon will the wronging ones know what vicissitude they will turn” (The Qur’an, 26: 227).

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