Predictions of Imran Husain

The year 2011 has not been one that the Americans would love to remember. During the best part of the year Mother Nature wouldn’t smile at them nor allow them a smile. A series of disasters unleashed on them has left many dazed, confused, fearful, disheartened, apprehensive, and coldly-angry. It is said that the disasters, coming one behind another in quick succession, have caused such losses that it will be years, if things get back to normal, to recover.

Texas is the prized-state of the white Americans, (only 10% blacks find it comfortable to live there). It is the grain basket, rich in gas and oil reserves. It produces 55% of USA crops of which two thirds is exported to China. It is the seat of space-research. It is also the headquarters of a large number of ‘waiting-for-a-date-with-Armageddon’ white Christian Zionists and war-mongers, while it is also the home to 12 richest Americans. It also happens to be the traditional supplier of high-ranking ‘love-Israel-get-your-buck’ politicians, as well as of ‘soldiers of Christ’ slaughtering innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

But a State of all-comprehensive richness is now begging with its parched tongue Federal Govt. to help it out of the several crisis. It has suffered such drought this year that outclasses that of 1934. Where there were lakes and ponds (one as much as 16 km across), has now fish carcasses lying at the cracked bottoms.

Fish carcasses lie at the bottom of a dried lake in Texas

If Iraqi women are forced to wash their dishes in Euphrates, Texan women enjoy no such luxury. Their taps are getting as dry as their rivers. For water to once again gush forth from the faucets, they have to wait for the recycling sewage-water plant to become functional. In a year’s time it will be supplying 7.5 million liters of recycled water. (Some say urine water, but actually, it will be cleaner than the cleanest water). For the Americans, there isn’t any reason to be squeamish about it. There are several such plants already in operation in their country, and the American astronauts have been drinking their own recycled urine and sweat since the beginning of this century.

What destruction drought left unfinished, fires did the finish work in Texas. The June 2011 fires (totaling an astounding figure of 12,362 fires), converted 3 million square miles to a charred territory. That was followed by another set of fires in early September which destroyed 1554 homes.

Although Texas seems to have been the primary target, the surrounding states have not been spared altogether. It has been hot and cold for them too. After a storm, a report of April 27 said: “Parts of Tuscaloosa ‘have been obliterated’ by fierce storm. The State was pounded by a massive storm system that produced dozens of tornadoes and, according to reports, the damage was devastating.  In particular, the city of Tuscaloosa — home of the University of Alabama — was hit by what could only be called a storm of ‘epic proportions’.”

Shortly after the storm ploughed through the city, Tuscaloosa’s mayor, Walter Maddox, appeared on The Weather Channel, and said that the “devastation is ‘catastrophic’ and parts of city ‘have been obliterated’.”

On his Twitter feed, a man called Aaron Suttles wrote, “I don’t mean to overstate, but it looks like bombs went off. Nothing left standing. Complete rubble. Cars upside down and caved in.”

It was ‘shock and awe’ through and through.

Reports of April 29 said after the storms and hurricanes that at least 297 people were killed, with deaths in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky. More than 200 died in Alabama alone. It was the sixth-deadliest occurrence of tornadoes in U.S. history, according to research meteorologists.

A month later, on May 23, a tornado flattened buildings, snapped trees and tossed tractor-trailers like toys as it touched down in Joplin, Missouri, causing the death of at least 90 people. Its destruction was so devastating that, “I would say 75% of the town (of 50,000 residents) is virtually gone,” said Kathy Dennis of the American Red Cross.

That was followed by three earthquakes: one in Colorado, another in Virginia and a third in San Francisco. What amazed the seismologists is that though they did not cause much destruction, they occurred one after another, despite the great distances separating them.

Then came a storm called Irene in August this year. In its size it was a nature’s wonder. Photographed from space, its diameter was 800 km. Before melting away, it traveled from North Carolina to New England, a distance of 2000 kilometers. Millions of people had to be evacuated. It felled trees on houses, and power lines on the trees. At one point it left 2 million people without power. It flooded even those areas that were considered safe. The loss was estimated at anything between $ 15-20 billons.

Irene was followed by another storm called Lee. It caused flooding in Louisiana with water entering homes, since, as a citizen said bitterly, “The levies damaged by Katrina in 2005, have not yet been repaired.”

Flooding in USA – May 2011

Texas’ habit of luring fire does not seem to have been satisfied. In recent days, a few more fires have erupted. A huge fire caused by high winds has covered 30,000 acres. By early September it had reduced 1000 homes to ashes. About 14 are burning even now.

To top it all, there has been breakout of the Listeria disease in Colorado, as the time these lines are being written. It has so far claimed 17 lives. Its origin has been traced to melons grown in Colorado resulting in huge numbers of the fruit recalled, while ripe fruits are rotting on the farm beds – a staggering blow to the local economy.

The government of the US does not like to be told of big losses. It estimates the losses due to natural disaster as anything between 10-15 billions; so do the insurance companies in whose offices bitter bickering, amounting to barking, is going on between its customers and its officials over the cost of damages. Private estimates claim much higher damages. The Federal Govt. has generously promised speedy help. But, six months after tornadoes touched down, great part of Joplin, is still in the rubble.

Overall, the USA economy is in such a shape that it cannot take any hit any more, but drive thousands to below poverty levels. Farms, fisheries, shops, and homes are abandoned or they are on sale, without many buyers around. It adds to unemployment. Currently, a horrendous 45% of young men in the age-group of 19-29 are unemployed. One in four Californian family reports of food hardships. 46 million Americans are now living below the poverty-line. Total unemployed or under-employed (part-time workers) number 23 millions (2 crores, 30 lakhs).

The average American today just doesn’t know what’s going on. He has lost confidence in the country’s President, the two political parties, the White House, the Senate and the Media. What’s left to bank on, when the banks have failed them?

On other fronts, it couldn’t be more disheartening. Military failures overseas are visible to all. Crime is on the rise. Recently, four soldiers looted a house (not in Afghanistan but) in USA. Thirty-two workers in a Boeing Plant have been caught dealing in drugs. Mothers are mercilessly killing their children. Attempts at higher college studies are abandoned for reasons of bleak employment chances. Homosexuality is on the rise. Even the military has been ordered to accept the gay (or lesbians). You name the evil, and it is on the rise in the USA – to such levels that some disgusted Americans would like to leave the country.

These events and happenings have led many Muslims to believe that the USA is under the microscope, while many Americans believe that the end of the world must be close. (They believe America ‘is the world,’ and so, if America ends, it will be the world’s end).

Some people have been voicing their opinions publicly; and they are being listened to, both in Muslim as well in non-Muslim circles. (Some Americans have built nuclear-proof basements in fear of the Armageddon).

We have been sent a clip which is part of a speech delivered back in 2003 by Sheikh Imran Hussain. He had then predicted that the dollar would collapse, America will crumble, the Arab masses will be brought into the streets by the media, their regimes will be swept away, anti-West governments will come in place, and, provoked, Israel will unleash horrific weapons on the Arabs to establish itself as the new Super Power of the world. Until quite recently, he has been speaking on the same lines in different parts of the world.

Imran Hussein says that after the revolutions, Muslims will be provoked into attacking Jews. In response, the Jews will say, in his words, “If we sit here and do nothing, the state of Israel will be destroyed, and all the Jews will be slaughtered.” So, Israel will start a war and call it “a pre-emptive strike. But it won’t be a pre-empty strike. It will be the most dazzling display of the magnificent application of the state of the art military technology that will leave even Uncle Sam in the backyard. It will be a l-l-lightning strike.” Israel will do this “to impress upon mankind that… it has now become the ruling state of the world.” Thereafter, “Israel will take control of the Middle East oil. It may be that this will happen when the dollar collapses, when Israel becomes the ruling state of the world. Then Israel will rule the world for 30 years, each of which day will be like a week because the war on Islam is going to intensify like nothing you have seen before.”

The clip we were sent ends here. But his speech on a Web-site adds that although USA, Britain and Russia will make some noise at the Israeli aggression, they will not send their troops against Israel. However, Europe and Japan will appeal to the UN to make Israel withdraw because otherwise they will be choked.

We would like to say in response that although there has been mass uprising in some Middle East states, it does not seem to have been aided by the Western media, as predicted. The owners of the Western media never wanted it to happen, as Sh. Imran stated. It was actually an unexpected revolt, for which the regimes were not ready and so, collapsed too soon.

Further, two things are being predicted: a domino effect that would lead to the fall of every pro-American regime, and two, emergence of new authentic governments representing the masses. The domino effect has not yet happened. There are still many pro-American regimes that are well-saddled in their positions of power. Having learnt from the first few that fell, they have taken sufficient steps through carrot-and-stick policy to prevent any appearance of masses in the streets. But, the domino-effect could still happen, except of course, in the virtual vassal states.

As for emergence of governments representing Muslim masses, that did not happen either. In fact, this has never happened in the history of Islam. Beyond that, it has not happened in the history of non-Islamic peoples either. It has always been – even in the best of democracies – that the rule has been in the hands of a minority. The difference is that in the Muslim world it has been plain tyranny, while in democratic countries, it has been make-belief trickery: the government remaining in the hands of politicians brought to power by a minority but the masses led to believe that they have government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

The role of the masses in the formation of the government was wrenched away from `Ali ibn abi Talib, one of the ablest of men in Islam; and so it has remained. It is true that the fall of a few regimes in our times has been because of people’s power, but, it must also be recognized that due to deep divisions among the masses and lack of abilities, the same old class has remained at the helm of affairs, and will remain. If there appears a popular government, at best it will last for a short while. It is perhaps return of the Khilafah, as promised by a hadith, that will restore the rule by the consensus of the masses.

As regards the other prediction that responding to a provocation instigated by Israel itself, Israel will launch a dazzling attack with the state of the art military technology – well, this is predictable. The time for it would be the establishment of a Palestinian State. The Zionists will spend any amount of money on Western politicians and policy-makers to prevent the Palestinian State. But, if it fails, and a Palestinian state does emerge, Israel is likely to attack not merely the new Palestinian State, but also the surrounding states to cow them down to submission. The states that it will choose to strike would mainly be Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, and perhaps Sudan. Other states need no such strike because they are already submitted to the USA, which is equal to submission to Israel. Obviously, it will be a ferocious air-strike to destroy the weapon depots, missile launching sites, tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft facilities, etc., before the impotent defenses of the struck countries blink their eyes.

That the Americans and British will make some noise, with no action of any sort, is also predictable. That their populations will conduct a few protest marches, and ‘serious warnings’ will be issued to Israel, supported by paralytic actions of their governments, is also expected. That the emerging economies, China, Brazil, Mexico, and India will never go to war for the Arabs, is not a questionable fact. That Russia will react by throwing insults at USA, as has been its habit since decades, is not doubtable. But, a few other realities need to be considered.

Israel could cripple the Arab defenses in one strike. But how does it get hold of oil? And which country’s oil? The oil in the Gulf will never be Israel’s. USA will not allow that to happen. Nor is the oil in Iraq for Israel. USA has two dozen military bases there. Syrian oil is too little. So, the idea that Israel will capture Arab oil-fields and consequently become the Super Power of the world, to be in a position to cripple the economies of Europe and Japan, is quite fragile. All that Israel will gain from its strike is to militarily annihilate the Arab states. It cannot even be expected to strike the capitals of the Arab states, or their industrial bases, because of the massive number of foreigners working there. A trade boycott of Israel for killing non-Arab, non-Muslim populations will cripple Israeli economy in weeks.

It is predicted that Israel will unveil such ‘state of the art’ weapons as which will pale the American military technology. But this is wishful thinking. Today’s military technology is satellite-based, which relies heavily on ground facilities. To deliver the drones, for instance, or shoot down in-coming missiles, the USA has had to establish 750 military bases, along with hundreds of intelligence offices all over the entire globe. Without these the USA would not have been able to deliver its drones. Weapons of Mass destruction are not much if you do not have the delivery system. How much of this does Israel possess to become a Super Power? None. Indeed, Israel does not have a single military base outside its borders.

Can Israel threaten Europe? The very thought should run a shiver through the Israeli spine. If it did that, and took some military action, it will be pulverized by the holocaust-ian Europeans. Not only Israel, they will threaten every Jew in Europe with obliteration. As it is, in several parts of Europe, no Jew can publicly state that he is a Jew. Nobody knows this better than the Jews.

There is no doubt about it that Israel has several kinds of military strike-equipment to which the Americans keep adding. But these are only destructive weapons which they can employ to successfully kill millions of Muslims if they so wish. But that does not convert it into a world Super Power. It has, for instance, hundreds of Nuclear weapons. But can it use any? In which direction will the winds carry radiation, after a nuclear strike on one of the neighboring countries? Hundreds of thousands of Jews will immediately leave Israel, if Israel commits any such mistake. Those hundreds of Nuclear bombs are for pride, of little use otherwise.

As regards American collapse, that is not unlikely. However, it will be the kind of collapse USSR suffered. Its global power will be severely restricted, but as a nation it might emerge stronger, i.e., within its borders, like Russia, Germany, France, etc. – unless, of course, it breaks up, as being predicted by some thinkers. However, any kind of American collapse – whether military, economics, or political – will be the collapse of Israel, and not the other way round.

Another point of note with regard to Israel emerging as a World Super Power, replacing America is that a Super Power has a few requirements for its emergence. First, it needs time to establish itself. Second, it should have a huge economy. The USA economy for instance, is even now so big that they can buy off the rest of the world’s economy – except Chinese. Israeli economy is tiny, and rests much on the yearly handouts by the USA and Europe. Another condition is that it must have a pretty large population, with a substantial army, say a couple of millions. Israel cannot manage that because of the small number of Jews in the world. Finally, it must have able staff to manage conquered territories. Israel hasn’t any. But of course, the need for this does not arise because the Jews will never step into Arab territories. The Palestinians often report that the Israelis are so chicken-hearted that their soldiers take cover against stone-throwing youths.

In short, it was an amazing prediction by Sheikh Imran Hussain that the Arabs will rise in revolt. But we do not see the emergence of Israel as a Super Power controlling the world. It is already a super power of the region. But that’s all. Actually, Israel is likely to lose its hold on the USA because of USA’s huge internal problems. Statesmen are predicting that the USA will have to one day tell Israel to make peace with the Arabs and learn to live with them. With that will begin Israeli downfall. According to information coming in, Israel is already extremely worried about the new developments and fears that at their fall, the Americans may look for an escape goat, and that escape goat could be Israel. Anti-Semitism may rise, and Israeli power would cave in.

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