In the Shades of Terrorism


Will the Beelzebub’s neo-con friends learn anything? What ushered them into the Shade of Terrorism? What is prompting men, women, children, mothers, and now animals to murder and commit violence unheard of before? SYED IQBAL ZAHEER shows how the chickens have come to roost for the Neo-Cons’ gameplan.

The individual cracking up, the family-system disappearing, the society disintegrating, the political system crumbling, the Empire caving in, and, most of all, the national economy collapsing…

“No, it can’t go on,” the wise men said: it could not be allowed to go on. Something had to be done. But what? What would in one stroke do it? What devil could resurrect the nation, and force-drive energy into the dying, hedonistic, life and society?

Yes, only the devil could it. And quickly did he come to their rescue – like the one in a Najdi Sheikh’s form, who participated when the Quraysh in Makkah were conspiring ways of preventing expansion of Islam.

Nine-eleven was a game-changer. Muslims were identified by Beelzebub’s gang as the terrorist gunning after the USA: the policeman, the father-figure. Those who were sleeping since five hundred years were kicked up: “Wake up man, the Devil take you. Pick up the gun.”

But the sleeper, woken up indecorously, was not going to pick up the gun. He loved America, dreamt of being there, ploughed through his days dreaming of the honest system waiting for his contribution in building the nation… dreaming of its exciting night-lives. The moment he received the permission to get in, was the happiest moment of his life.

Was he going to pick up the gun against his dreamland? Never! He would shoot himself rather than do any such thing. America was his damsel, the beau, the Deity.

Beelzebub’s gang said, “Never mind if he won’t pick up the gun. We shall do it on his behalf. We shall fasten the terrorist-mantle upon him tight, to remain glued on him for decades.”

It worked.

Now, while his gang from among the men take siesta upon the pile of a million dead, the Najdi Sheikh has re-appeared. What for? Well, to complete his work. He is hyperactive. He has his own agenda. So let us glance at his performance for the last ten months alone in 2019. We hear:

  • A teacher fired a gun inside a school. In a night-club? No, in a school.
  • An Ohio woman stabs her boyfriend in the stomach several times for eating away all her salsa.
  • A white male in his 30s killed four people and wounded 21 others on a busy Labor Day holiday. That shooting came after 22 people were killed at a Walmart store about 410 km west of Midland in the city of El Paso, Texas on August 3.
  • Seven People shot at two-Year-old’s Birthday Party and seven adults injured, a few miles southeast of the nation’s capital.
  • A fourteen-year-old Alabama teenager shoots dead his own five family members: including father, stepmother, and siblings.
  • Four homeless men killed while they slept leaving a fifth in a critical condition after a series of attacks in New York City. The men were attacked apparently at random in the Manhattan.
  • Four people killed and five wounded in a shooting at a bar in midwestern Kansas City in the US state of Kansas. It came just weeks after two separate shootings in Texas, which left 44 people dead.
  • Sarah Barrass, 35, pleaded guilty to the murder of her two sons Tristan Barrass, 13, and Blake Barrass, 14. She admitted to murdering them while conspiring to kill four more of her children.
  • Three children and two adults found dead in a condo unit in Abington, Massachusetts, apparently shot to death.
  • A Dallas female police officer killed a man in his own home, which she said she mistook for her own apartment one floor below. Guyger, who is white, was off duty but in uniform when she shot Jean, a 26-year-old native of St Lucia who was black and worked as an accountant in Dallas. She had found the door unlocked. She was off duty but still dressed in her police uniform after a long shift when she shot Jean with her service weapon while he sat eating ice-cream in his bedroom.

Beelzebub would not leave its followers safe from their pets either.

  • A woman was killed by her own dogs. It happened while her children watched the mother being mauled to death by the two home pets. Last heard, Patricia Collins was in a ward in the Yale-New Haven Hospital. She was scheduled for surgery to treat injuries to her arm and abdomen caused by her four dogs which attacked her for no apparent reason. The 45-year-old Plymouth woman was attacked by four out of her fleet of six French mastiffs.

And here is the wise men’s political analysis:

  • President Trump’s tweet regarding civil war if he is impeached and his expressed desire to try a congressman for treason (punishable by execution) have militias excited and other people worried. For experts who study political violence in other countries, warning signs have long been glaring red. Political violence can’t be predicted perfectly, but there’s a clear risk pattern. Violence is more likely where it has happened before. It begins with polarization followed by the dehumanization of opponents. Opportunistic politicians test the system, seeing how people react to violent language to determine the potential costs. Based on such risk factors, the 2018 Fragile States Index ranked the United States among the top five “most worsened countries” for political stability, alongside Yemen and Venezuela. (

This is only a sample. To sum up last year’s performance:

  • In 2018, some 16,000 murders took place in the USA.

Others of the Beelzebub’s gang are working on a few other projects:

  • A Florida woman obsessed with the Columbine High School massacre and the Oklahoma City bombing was arrested after her parents discovered two dozen pipe bombs in her bedroom, authorities said [recently]. The woman, Michelle Kolts, 27, was charged with 24 counts of making a destructive device with intent to harm, It may be remembered that in 1995, a homemade bomb planted outside a federal office building in Oklahoma City killed 168 people. The 1999 Columbine shooting, in which two gunmen killed 13 and wounded 21 in Littleton, Colorado, has “infatuated” some young people and prompted copycat shootings across the country.
  • Across in Germany: A Neo-Nazi ‘terrorist cell’ on trial over alleged Berlin attack plot. Eight members of Revolution Chemnitz aged between 21 and 32 accused of planning armed assaults on immigrants – amid fears that the far-right movement is increasingly armed and radical. The men allegedly sought to carry out armed attacks on immigrants, political opponents, reporters and members of the economic establishment.

It appears Beelzebub has not forgotten his friendship with Tony Blair, especially, how he co-operated in the execution of the grand plan. Reports say:

  • A man is arrested for the terrorist attack after several people stabbed in Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre, sending bystanders running for their lives. Three people were stabbed and taken to hospital after the attack. The suspect, 41, was seen shouting and behaving erratically, bystanders said.
  • Last year was London’s bloodiest in a decade – when the number of homicides reached 132 – and the violence continues to plague the capital.
  • There have now been more than 100 violent killings in London – as the bloodshed in the capital show no sign of ending. Here, the knife is the favorite weapon.

Will the Beelzebub’s neo-con friends learn anything? What ushered them into the Shade of Terrorism? What is prompting men, women, children, mothers, and now animals to murder and commit violence unheard of before? What has caused a situation to descend when a man is afraid of his wife; a woman’s home has become the most dangerous place for her; when a white man or woman cannot step into unguarded streets of London after dark for fear of a knife plunged into him or her?

Is this nature’s response to cries, tears, and sobs, of countless victims: alive, and dead? Is this the co-lateral damage that they often speak of? Will it come to us: for having remained silent – in fear of the authorities?

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