Unlike the unbelievers, the believers live in a world of certainties: in a world of their own. They are sure of their lives, sure of their deaths, and sure of what will happen thereafter, writes SYED IQBAL ZAHEER.


It appears that the only certainty which our modern world enjoys is the feelings of uncertainty. The first is the uncertainty about weather.

Scientists have periodically warned the earthians that all indications are that the climate is undergoing changes.

What changes?

Well, that is hard to predict.

That is because factors are many. Many factors are beyond human control!

For example, the earth’s rotation around the Sun.

To illustrate with one example: large flashes of light show up on satellite images of Earth’s landmasses. It is said that they are due to crystals of ice floating above the planet. These flashes can appear anywhere on the earth at any time of the year. And they can influence the local weather. But what can the humans do about it? Nothing.

In truth, humans cannot influence the climate in any positive way. They can do a lot negatively. Few people understand this but the climatologists. They say that the humans have the ability to destroy the modern civilization altogether. They claim that the process has already begun: one of the ways is the manner they are using fossil fuel – at least at the rate at which they are consuming it. Their stocks are dwindling, and, at the present rate of consumption, the world-stocks could be exhausted in another 50 years.

Meanwhile, every inch of the earth has been explored, and their reserves are found in certain of its regions alone, not everywhere. The foremost reserves are in Venezuela, Middle-east, Canada, and Russia.

If USA has to depend on its own reserves and stop all imports, it has stocks that can last five years.

To bring oil from other planets is not even a dream. It is out of question. So are the ideas of population transfer to other planets, say Mars, or Venus. One is too cold and the other too hot. Both have no water, and both have no atmosphere. Both are dreams given us by the scientists.

After some five decades of giving dreams to the masses, regarding survival of the humans, the scientists have no more dreams to offer. They face realities. They are now saying that anymore dreaming will be disastrous.

They are urging the public to open their eyes. And, as they do that, they discover that all that remains now is uncertainties. (We shall deal with other issues in future, Allah willing.)

The believers live in a world of certainties: in a world of their own. They are sure of their lives, sure of their deaths, and sure of what will happen thereafter.

`Umar, the second Caliph, asked the Prophet (saws) whether he will be in control of his senses, after he is buried. When told yes, he said he will know how to deal with the two angels (the munkar and nakeer).

It is said that when the two angels made a buried man sit up and asked him whether he knew the KalimahLaa Ilaaha ill Allah,’ he answered angrily:

“Are you not ashamed?! I have been teaching the people this Kalimah for 50 years. Now you ask me whether I know it!?”

According to several Ahadith, on the Day of Judgment, the angels will discover some people hastening to Paradise.

They will be told: “Where to (the Reckoning is yet to begin)?”

They will reply: “To Paradise! By Allah! We had no wealth nor were we of the Governing Class.”

The misfortunes and calamities that the common people face in their lives do not shake the confidence of the believers.

To a believer, they are like cough and cold of the seasonal type.

They come and go.

They do not affect his certainties and so, do not disturb his soul.

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