Seventy in Qur’an and Hadith

1. (The Prophet said), Usury is seventy-three chapters, the least of which is like a man marrying his mother. And the worst of usury is (to play with) the honor of a Muslim.

2. (The Prophet said), I asked Allah for the intercession of my Ummah. He told (me), “You may have seventy-thousand who will enter Paradise without reckoning and without punishment.” I said, “My Lord! Grant me an increase.” So twice He swept together for me with His two hands: from His left and His right (i.e., a huge number).

3. (The Prophet said), The first batch that will enter Paradise will have faces like the full moon. The second (batch) will be of color better than the shining star in the heavens. For every one of them will be two wives. Every wife will have (on her) seventy mantles. The bone-marrow of her calf will be visible from beyond them (the mantles).

4. (The Prophet said), The Jews split into seventy-one sects, the Christians split into seventy-two sects and my Ummah will split into seventy-three sects.

5. (The Prophet said), On the Day of Judgment sweat will flow along as far as seventy span of the hand. And it will reach the mouths of the people or up to their ears.

6. (The Prophet said), This fire of yours is one-seventieth part of the Fire of Hell. Had it not been quenched with water twice, you would not have been able to make any use of it.

7. (The Prophet said), True (and good) dreams (of a believer) are oneseventieth part of Prophethood.

8. (The Prophet said), Al-Su`ood (of Al-Muddaththir, v. 17) is a mountain that the unbeliever will climb for seventy autumns (i.e., years), and then will fall down into it for similar time, (that happening) forever.

9. (The Prophet said), The Prayer done after Miswak is seventy times better than that Prayer done without it.

10. (The Prophet said), Whoever of my Ummah reached seventy years of age, Allah has allowed (enough) excuse by his age. (That is, he has no excuse not to turn to Him in repentance after this age).


11. (The Prophet said), By Allah, I seek Allah’s pardon and turn to Him (in repentance) more than seventy times a day.

12. Bara’ b. ‘Aazib reports: The Prophet placed Abdullah b. Jubayr over the archers on the day of Uhud. However, they (the pagans) got seventy of us (i.e., killed them). The Prophet and his Companions had earlier taken one hundred and forty of them at Badr, taking prisoner seventy and killing seventy. Abu Sufyan had remarked, “Today is the day against Badr. And war is like a pail (that goes up and down).”

13. Anas reports: The Prophet asked for a pitcher of water (during a campaign). He was brought a wide-mouthed low-height pitcher with a little of water in it. He placed his fingers in it. Anas adds, “I saw water gushing forth from his fingers.” Anas also added, “I guessed the number of those who made ablution (from that water) as between seventy and eighty (people).

14. ‘Aasim says, I asked Anas b. Malik about Qunoot (in the Prayers, normally done in Witr now). He said, “(Yes) There used to be Qunoot (during the time of the Prophet).” I asked, “Before the Ruku‘ or after it?” He replied, “Before it.” He (‘Aasim told him), “So and so told me about you that you said (it should be done) after the Ruku’?” He replied, “He spoke the lie. The Prophet did Qunoot after the Ruku‘ for a whole month. As I see it, he sent a group known as Fuqaraa’ (the Poor), about seventy men to a pagan people not of them. (That is, not of the same tribe). There was a treaty between them and the Prophet. (But they killed them all). So the Prophet did Qunoot for a month cursing them.”

15. Abu Sa‘eed said, I heard the Prophet say, “Whoever fasted a day in the way of Allah, will have Allah put his face away from the fire by seventy autumns (i.e., years).”



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