Ahadith from Ishraq al-Ma`ani

1. Asma’ bint Abi Bakr says, “I went up to `A’isha while solar eclipse was happening. People were in Prayers; she too was in Prayer. I asked, ‘What’s the matter with the people?’ She pointed to the heaven with her hand and said, ‘Glory to Allah.’ I asked, ‘A sign?’ She said, ‘yes,’ with a sign. So, I too joined in Prayer until the Sun began to shine on my head. I began to pour water on my head.

When the eclipse was gone, the Messenger praised Allah and said, ‘There was nothing that I never saw earlier but was shown to me at this spot, even heaven and hell. It was revealed to me that you will be tested in the graves, as hard as the travails of Dajjal, or near about it. (The narrator said, ‘I’m not sure which of the two Asma’ said). They (angels) will come to you and ask, ‘What do you know about this man?’ A believer, or one firm in faith, (the narrator said, ‘I’m not sure which of the two Asma’ said.), will say, ‘(He is) Muhammad, Allah’s Messenger came to us with clear signs and with guidance. We responded, believed, and followed.’ He will be told, ‘Sleep. We understand that you were a believer.’ As for the hypocrite, or the doubter, (‘I’m not sure which of the two Asma’ said), he will say, ‘I don’t know anything. I used to hear the people say somethings, and I used to repeat.’”



This shows that they were Praying in the open with the Sun scorching them.(Au.)

2. Ka`b b. Malik reports from his father that he asked, “Messenger of Allah, how do you look at poetry?” He answered, “A believer strives (for his religion) with his sword and his tongue. By Him in whose hands is my life, as if you (poets) pierce them with your arrows.”

3. Sufyan b. Muhriz said: “While we were circumbulating the House along with `Abdullah ibn `Umar when someone interrupted him and asked: ‘Ibn `Umar. Did you hear the Prophet talk of Najwa (secret talk)?’ He answered, ‘I heard the Prophet say, ‘Allah will bring a man close to Himself on the Judgment Day so close as to place His Hands on his shoulders and make him admit his sins saying, ‘Do you recognize?’ He will reply, ‘My Lord! I do recognize.’ It will go on to the length Allah wills and then say, ‘I concealed them in the world, and today I forgive them.’ Then he will be given the Record of his good deeds. As for the unbeliever and hypocrite, it will be pronounced upon the heads of the witnesses, ‘These are the ones who fastened lies upon their Lord. Lo! Curse be upon the transgressors.’”

– Ibn Hibban, Sahih

4. Anas b. Malik reported the Prophet, “When a believer is in Salah, he is whispering with his Lord, so let him not spit in front nor at the right side, but towards his left, or under his feet.”

– Bukhari

5. Ibn `Umar said, “I was with the Prophet while he was eating freshly plucked dates. He said, “Among the trees there is one like a believer. (Which one is it?)” I wished to say, ‘It is date-palm tree,’ but I was the youngest of the gathering.’ He himself said, ‘It is the date-palm tree.’”


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