Ahadith That Use Number Three – X

Herewith such reports of the Prophet as use number three.  A reason behind such a presentation is to dispel the idea that the Islamic source books are like those of any other religion. Followers of other religions could conduct similar exercises with their own source books. The results will convince them that the Islamic sources could not have been but Divine.

1. Ibn ‘Umar reports that the Prophet entered into the Ka‘bah: he, Usamah, Bilal and ‘Uthman b. Talhah. Then he locked it remaining inside. Ibn ‘Umar said, “I asked Bilal when he came out, ‘What did the Prophet do inside?’ He replied, ‘He kept the two pillars on his left, one pillar on his right and three pillars behind him – at that time the House had six pillars – and then Prayed.’”


It could be said that this was one of the reasons why the Quraysh had fought against the Prophet. He treated his followers on the basis of their virtue and not on the basis of their race, language, clan etc. When Makkah fell, and the Prophet entered the Ka‘bah, he had two Companions with him: both former slaves. The third, ‘Uthman b. Talhah, was the keeper of the keys of the Ka‘bah: one of those who had remained on the side of the deities until Makkah fell.

2. ‘A’ishah says that a man divorced his wife three times. Following that another man married her. Then the first husband thought he would marry her again. The Prophet was asked. He said, “No. Not until the second has tasted from her what the first had.”


The case was of a man who had given an irrevocable divorce to his wife. She married another man. But consummation had not yet taken place when the first husband probably regretted and wished that the second husband could divorce her so that he could remarry her. But the Prophet pointed out that, that was not allowable. Rules are not made to play with.

The Prophet used the specific words to indicate to make the hadith remain in the minds: strange and appealing words remain longer in the minds.

3. Abu Hurayrah reported the Prophet as having said: “When a man dies, his deeds stand severed except in three cases: A running charity, knowledge which can be benefited from, and, a progeny that supplicates for him.”

4. ‘Abdullah says the Prophet said, “The blood of a Muslim who says there is no god but Allah and I am His Messenger, is not unlawful except for one of the three cases: A married fornicator, a life for a life, and, one who abandons his religion to break away from the community.”

5. Abu Hurayrah reports the Prophet, “Allah approves of three things for you, and does not approves of three things for you. He approves that you worship Him without associating (partners with Him) anything; and that you should hold on fast unto the Rope together and that you should not disunite. And he disapproves ‘This was said,’ and ‘He said (such and such a thing).’ And, inquiring a lot; and, wastage of wealth.”


The disapproved things are that the people enter into arguments saying, ‘O, this has been said,’ or quote another and say, ‘O, so and so said such a thing.’ And that one should ask religious rulings over silly things, or spend where not necessary.

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